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Kellyanne Conway - Media Has Russian Concussion

Special Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway was on ′Hannity′s America″ last night on Fox News. While talking up President Donald Trump and his positive speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa yesterday before a cheering crowd, she coined a new term. Kellyanne Conway said that The Media has a case of ″Russian Concussion″. Naturally, Sean Hannity chuckled in approval, as did I. Especially after yet another Congressional hearing yesterday, this time with Obama′s old DHS boss, Jehr Johnson, told the House Committee that while Russia may have tried hacking election systems, they did not ″suppress″ nor ″altered″ the vote in any way. Once again, another Democratic Party myth went down in flames!




The Fake News Media has been trying its best to push the Trump-Russia Collusion story for about 8 months now and has nothing to show for it. Even the Rassmussen Poll shows that President Trump′s popularity numbers are improving, now exceeding 50%. Since Far-Left Liberals already hate Trump, the target audience for The Media is Trump′s base of supporters. The efforts to paint his administration being in chaos and tainted by ongoing investigations, has failed. Tuesday night, for example, as Karen Handel gave her victory speech, the crowd cheered the loudest when she thanked President Trump for his support.


We saw in Iowa last night that the level of enthusiasm for President Trump has not fallen a single inch. Ordinary, REAL Americans are still in love with him! Even gum-chewing, blonde coeds! Trump Fever is a strong and contagious as ever. Two years of attacks from Democrats, the Fake News Media, and Left-Wing Loons have not made a dent. If anything, their lunacy has resulted in a backlash against them.


The ′Russian Concussion′ is a good example of this. Within hours after the attempted assassination of Republican members of Congress last week, CNN shifted gears back to the Russia story. They could not afford to spend any time on how a Far-Left lunatic, driven further mad by the Fake News Media′s anti-Trump stories, tried to murder Republican Congressmen. The Washington Post was no better, trying to once again implicate Jared Kushner in the Russian Collusion story. They offered nothing really new in the way of facts, it was just a headline to distract attention from a REAL news story about Liberal violence.


Kellyanne Conway′s term of ′Russian Concussion′ is a fine tag against The Media. Our intelligence agencies had been monitoring Russian hacking activity connected to the elections since early 2015 and that it did not change the outcome of the actual vote tallies. Every exit poll shows that Russia had no influence on the vote. Since last November, we have had other agencies and Congressional committees looking into the Russian hacking and if there had been any coordination with the Trump campaign. Not one shred of any evidence has presented itself.


What we have learned is the blatant abuse of power by many key Obama administration officials to spy on American citizens connected with the Trump campaign. With numerous names unmasked and leaked illegally. We′ve also learned that not only is there an organized leaking campaign going on by government employees, even James Comey of the FBI has done some leaking of his own! He also has admitted to possibly obstructing justice under the orders of Loretta Lynch. Thanks to Judicial Watch, we now know that many documents from the National Security Council about Susan Rice′s unmasking of names have been removed from the National Archives and are in the custody of the Barack Obama Library. A place safe from Freedom Of Information Act requests for 5 years.


If you want collusion and obstruction of justice stories, you do not have to look very far back in the Obama administration to find plenty of scandalous examples. But the Fake News Media is protecting Obama, as they have all along. They never vetted him at all during the 2008 election, when he was deep in the center of the FBI-Justice Department probe called ′Operation Board Games′ which had tried and convicted 28 felons for political corruption and bribery charges. Including Illinois Governor Rod Blagojech and Obama′s old, next-door neighbor, Atoin ′Tony′ Rezko. I′ve been saying for over 9 years now that had Obama lost in 2008, he would have been Convict #29.


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