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Kanye West And The Trump Effect

The election of President Donald J. Trump is having a major, positive effect on America. Not only has our economy and global position improved the past 16 months, but so too has American culture. Just in the past month we have seen the astounding return of Rosanne Barr to television and now even rapper Kanye West is making a splash supporting our President. The Far-Left loons are going absolutely nuts as their entire world-view is unraveling before their very eyes.




Make no mistake, Socialism is far from dead. But they way they are conducting themselves is so crazy, more and more people are seeing it as a losing proposition. At the current rate of decay, about the only people still advocating for Liberalism will be the hard core of the Democratic Party and their allies in The Media and Academe.


The Kanye West situation is perhaps the most interesting and may have the a massive impact. West has been on the fringes of Pro-Trump for quite a while. His recent defense of Candace Owens put him on the front line of the Culture War. Owens, a Black Conservative, chided members of Black Lives Matter protesting her appearance at a public forum for citing the same old ′plantation politics′ blather the Democratic Party has been preaching for decades. This incident set Kanye off to also jump in, supporting Owens for her exercising free speech.


The assault by the Far Left against Free Speech has hit a watershed mark since the election of President Trump. Even though Trump is probably more Conservative than any other president we have ever had since Calvin Coolidge, he has achieved this by actions, not ideology. How else can you explain the dramatic recovery of America in just 16 months after 8 years of Barack Obama? Really, it barely took 11 months for President Trump to essentially undo all of the nonsense and poor policies of Obama′s 8 years.


President Trump is dynamic. I like to call it ′Trump Fu′. He is exercising not Pragmatism but Practicality! Trump is getting things done because he has learned how to do just that his entire life. He is exhibiting genuine leadership and executive skills never truly seen before by a sitting president in many decades. I might even say you would have to go back to Andrew Jackson for an equal in this.


The key to Trump′s success is his salesmanship of Common Sense. This is something that cartoonist, Scott Adams, recognized early on during the 2016 election campaign. This explains why Kanye West is now retweeting Scott Adams on his social media accounts, causing even more of an uproar than his defense of Candace Owens. Take the whole national border issue. President Trump is not against immigration, he is against illegal immigration. Common Sense dictates that one does not leave your door to your house open for all. It is not the responsibility of the Average Citizen to house, clothe and feed everybody and anybody. We have other institutions, like churches, to do that sort of thing.


Likewise, a nation must have some say in who is allowed in and all of those who wish to reside here must follow our common rules. That idea is where we get the Rule of Law from. I was rather heart warmed the other day by law professor Alan Dershowitz mentioning the analogy of Sir Thomas Moore from ″A Man From All Seasons″ a few days after I had also made that connection in respect to the raid on Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen. The Rule of Law has to be equal for all, that is only Common Sense. We cannot allow anyone to break it or tip its scales one way or another, no matter who they are.


One would think that Liberals and Black Lives Matter would agree with that premise. Wasn′t the whole Ferguson thing started because of a perception that there was an unequal, injustice committed? Likewise, Freedom of Speech has to be equal as well. You cannot shout down one side, because that is the very tyranny some claim to be opposing. Groups like BLM and Antifa act more Fascist than most other fascists I′ve seen do. Along with Hollywood, Academe, Big Digital and The Media in general, the Far Left assault on Free Speech is shocking. For Facebook to call Diamond and Silk ″unsafe for the community″ is just simply insane!


I suppose now they will start censoring Kanye West as unsafe, too, since started reposting Scott Adams. Heaven forbid that any opinion other than those approved by Media Matters and the Southern Poverty Law Center be allowed to be aired to the general public! Just as President Trump has forced many within the GOP and the Conservative movement to show their true colors as Progressive Globalists, so too has he uncorked the darker side of Liberalism. The Far Left is displaying what they have been all along, Fascists!


My apologies for being a bit long-winded here, but this is an important subject which needs airing. We, as a nation, as a people, are not going to get anywhere as long as we try to bind others to our own individual beliefs. I have no doubt that many will disagree with me and that is fine. However, while you may disagree with me, you do not have the right to censor me, silence me, or threaten me with violence. That is what Free Speech, protected by the First Amendment, is all about. I may not agree with Kanye West all of the time, or even some of the time, but one this particular point, he has my full support.


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