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Julius Caesar Sponsors Drop Out, Too Trump-Like

Delta Air Lines and Bank of America have pulled out their sponsorship of a production of ″Julius Caesar″ by the New York Public Theater. This version of the play by William Shakespeare depicts Caesar as a character almost exactly like President Donald Trump. Even being married to an Eastern European wife. In Shakespeare′s play, Caesar is assassinated by members of the Roman Senate on the ′Ides of March′. The two corporate sponsors claim that they had no idea that in sponsoring the Theater′s summer program of ′Shakespeare In The Park′, would be turned into a form of anti-Trump political propaganda. Two other major sponsors, American Express and the failing New York Times newspaper, are still backing the production, which is also funded by federal taxpayers′ money through the National Endowment of the Arts.




The play′s director, Oskar Eustis claims in a promotion for the production that ″Julius Caesar is about how fragile democracy is. The institutions that we have grown up with, that we have inherited from the struggle of many generations of our ancestors, can be swept away in no time at all.″ This all sounds very intellectual except for one minor problem, Rome was NEVER A DEMOCRACY! Rome was a republic, and a rather militaristic one at that. He also misses the historical point that Julius Caesar tried to become an absolute ruler by starting a civil war with co-Pro Counsul, Pompey the Great, resulting in Pompey being murdered while on the run in Egypt.


I don′t know who this Oskar Eustis is, or his education background, but he does seem to miss the point of Shakespeare′s play. I am willing to bet Yankee dollars that William Shakespeare was familiar with classical history, considering that he wrote about it often enough. But even the ″Great Bard′ was guilty of political influence and propaganda. With Queen Elizabeth routinely lopping off the heads of dissenters, Shakespeare had to modify his historical plays accordingly as to not upset the Tudor mythos. Thus, Richard III was depicted as a blood-thirsty, child killer when it is perhaps more plausible that the young York princes were probably murdered by those loyal to the Lancaster-Tudor families during the English ′War of the Roses′.


We′ll never know who really killed the York princes, but we do know who killed Julius Caesar and more or less why. Even Shakespeare makes the point abundantly clear in the opening act of the play. Two supporters of the now dead Pompey become upset when Caesar throws himself a city-wide party in Rome on the religious holiday, the Feast of Lupercalia. They scold the assembled crowd, calling them ′blocks of stone″ and then proceed to remove garlands of praise from sculptures of Caesar. But, by then, a team of Roman soldiers arrive and arrest the two men as traitors.


Ah! No free speech, eh? Nope, there never really was much of that even before Caesar and Pompey. But the clash between these two titans did spell the end of the Republic. Pompey was a great general. Greater than Caesar. But, the victor writes the history. Julius Caesar won this blood feud, so his version of history survives. Keep in mind that they had been best of friends. Pompey had been a mentor to Caesar. Even married Caesar′s sister. But, as in the case of despots throughout history, friendship, even love, is no match for the lust of power.


To compare this tale with our present condition is ridiculous, even insane. There is no doubt that the director, Oskar Eustis, is a Left-Winger. Nor that he is playing up to his fellow Lefties in New York′s theatrical and social circles. This perversion of Shakespeare′s play is yet another sign of the insane hatred the Far Left has against President Donald Trump. Julius Caesar sponsors should drop out from supporting this propaganda, especially given its violent nature. The outcome of which is even further from the non-existent democracy that Eustis claims he is promoting. That is why this play is a vulgar hit-piece against President Trump. Other Shakespearean plays have been modified for more modern themes, but this one goes way beyond, making it a genuine perversion.


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