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Judge Roy Moore Wins Alabama Senate Run Off

Judge Roy Moore soundly defeated incumbent U.S. Senator Luther Strange in the Alabama senate run off election. Moore beat Strange by nearly 10 points and some 44,000 votes. This, despite a major effort by the GOP Establishment to get Strange reelected. While the Fake News Media calls this upset a rebuke against President Donald Trump, it is actually a rebuke against Mitch McConnell and Republican hacks like Karl Rove. Some $30 Million dollars was poured into the reelection effort for Strange, while only about $2 Million dollars was spent for electing Moore. The Judge was supported by the likes of Steve Bannon and Sarah Palin. While President Trump officially backed Strange, even at a campaign rally last Friday, Trump hinted that Moore was ″okay″, too. This election was actually a ′No-Lose′ proposition for Trump in the long run.




Judge Moore will now face Democratic Party candidate Doug Jones on December 12 to fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by Jeff Sessions. I have no doubt about Moore winning that election. Jones would have lost to either Republican candidate, even to those who lost in the earlier primary. The Democratic Party is in big trouble and last night changes nothing. Even with the big money they will get from Hollywood and Silicon Valley, Jones will go down losing by more than 12 points at least. That is my prediction!


Plenty of Far-Left political pundits are trying to claim that Moore defeating Strange is a sign that the GOP and President Trump will fair poorly in the 2018 mid-term elections. But I see this as a victory for those Americans who want to Drain The Swamp! We are already seeing the implications of this as Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee has decided to retire and not run for reelection. Corker, a close pal of Mitch McConnell, has been a rather wishy-washy senator. Sure, he votes the right way most of the time. But he has been carrying the water for The Establishment far too long.


I refrained from taking a stand on this election as I believe the folks in Alabama should decide for themselves who they want to represent them. In an Ideal World, we would ban any donations from out of state in such elections. Even from outside of Congressional Districts in House races. I′m sure the Elites would find some way to work around such a ban, but it would present them with another level of obstacles to overcome in their corrupt ways. I was confident that Judge Moore would win and that he will win again in December. I am also confident that Moore will work with President Trump in helping him achieve his agenda to Make America Great Again. If anyone should be worried right now is should be Old Turkey-Throat, Mitch McConnell. Along with hack bozos like Karl Rove who are losing power rapidly.


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