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John Kelly Slams Frederica Wilson During Press Briefing

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly slammed the wacky Congresswoman, Frederica Wilson (D-FL) during the daily press briefing yesterday. The former Marine general ridiculed her over the condolence phone call from President Donald Trump to the widow of fallen Army Sergeant La David Johnson. Johnson was one of 4 Special Forces soldiers killed during an operation in Niger about two weeks ago. His unit was ambushed while hunting down Islamic terrorists in the African nation. Wilson was present in the car with Johnson′s family as they drove to his funeral when the call from Trump was made. She tried to besmirch Trump for disrespecting the family.




For the past several days, the Fake News Media has made this story their main focus. On Monday, during a press conference in the Rose Garden, President Trump was asked about the Niger ambush. The Pentagon is still investigating the incident and has offered few details. The issue of presidential condolence calls came up, where Trump criticized Barack Obama for not making many such calls. No calls were made to then General John Kelly after his son was killed in Iraq by Obama.


The Democrats have been trying to make hay out of the Niger ambush, comparing it to the Benghazi attack during the Obama administration. So, Wilson, who has called on Trump to be impeached long before, attacked Trump when he had the called the Johnson family. She claims that when the President remarked that Sgt. Johnson ″knew what he was getting into″ when he volunteered, he was being disrespectful to the grieving family. Some question why Rep. Wilson was in the car with the Johnson family at the time of the call, which was when they were driving to the funeral ceremony? However, it seems that she may have had previous contact with the family, perhaps even ′mentoring′ Sgt. Johnson when he had lived.


Kelly defended the President′s call and remarks. He cited his own experiences as a Marine who faced combat and lost men. He even discussed the loss of his son in Iraq and confirmed that Obama never called him. The statement about ″knowing what he was getting into″ Kelly considers as valid given that Johnson had volunteered to join the military, and then volunteered to join Special Forces. An elite fighting unit which is known for undertaking very dangerous missions in the most dangerous corners of the world.


Perhaps the most poignant moment yesterday was when John Kelly discussed how many concepts and institutions once held as sacred were now being dragged through the political mud. That what Wilson did would have been unacceptable by the standards of the past. Kelly referred to Congresswoman Wilson as an ″empty barrel″, worse than even a dud. He essentially called her behavior on this matter as shameless, turning a sacred moment into a political folly. Kelly said he was so taken aback by this issue he spent an hour at Arlington National Cemetery visiting the graves of fallen heroes just to get his mind right.


Frederica Wilson is a political opportunist who routinely behaves in a scurrilous manner. President Trump is correct in calling her ″wacky″. Her fashion is even disturbing and exaggerated, often wearing glittery hats. If anyone is mentally ill it is her! As for her alleged support of members of the American armed forces, her voting record in Congress does not reflect any. She usually votes against any bills which would support our troops, including those for increasing death benefits to the families of veterans killed in duty to our country. There is little doubt in my mind that she is using the tragedy of the death of Sgt. La David Johnson to merely score political points with her base of Trump-hating voters.


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