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Joe Scarborough, Dimwit

Originally, I was going to entitle this article, ″Is Joe Scarborough An Idiot?″, but the answer is an obvious, ′Yes′! The past couple of weeks, ′Psycho Joe′ has been exceptionally stupid. So too has his side-kick, Low I.Q. Crazy Mika Brzezinski. Last week they appeared on the CBS late night show with host Stephen Colbert so Psycho Joe could announce that he was no longer a Republican. HAH! Like he ever really was! Same for allegedly being a Conservative. Sure, while in Congress the ACU scored him high on Conservative issues, proving he was a good lapdog, but legislation did he write and get passed into law? I can′t think of anything of any importance. Psycho Joe is all show and no go!




Sean Hannity is claiming that Psycho Joe Scarborough announced that he was leaving the GOP because he was under pressure by his employers at MSNBC. Hannity also alleges that he tried to get a show on Fox News, but was turned down repeatedly. I can believe that! Especially if Psycho Joe was insisting on bringing his squeeze box, Crazy Mika along with him to FNC as part of a package deal. Mika does not fit the Fox News standards for on-air, female personalities.


As Lord Cardigan, late of Her Majesty Queen Victoria′s regiment of the 11th Hussars, would say that Crazy Mika Brzezinski is all ″swish and tit″! Mind you, Lord Cardigan was rather randy with other men′s wives, not to mention leading the Light Brigade into the Valley of Death outside Sevastopol. On top of those foibles, Lord Cardigan was also hammered in the British newspapers over the ′Black Bottle″ scandal. He had an officer arrested for drinking Moselle at his champagne-only Officer′s Mess. Once the Times of London published this outrage, Cardigan was heckled by the public with shouts of, ″Black Bottle! Black Bottle!″


For Psycho Joe Scarborough and Crazy Mika Brzezinski, we might have to modify our heckling to, ″Clear Bottle! Clear Bottle!″, as they frequently drink vodka. Ah! Now we are getting somewhere! Vodka! An alcoholic beverage often associated with ″The Russians″! Could it be that Psycho Joe and Crazy Mika are Russian agents, working for Vladimir Putin? Recruited for attacking President Donald Trump to pay off their massive vodka bills? Who can say?


Psycho Joe is no more a Republican, or a Conservative, than the squirrel who lives in my front lawn tree. For him to be pretending to be such all of these years just goes to show how much he will lie in order to get a paycheck. Which brings us back to current events as the Fake News Media raises more ″swish and tit″ over President Trump having dined with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Hamburg. After being reported as a ″secret dinner″, it turns out that the other 18 G20 primaries, along with some of their wives, were also at this ″secret dinner″.


Today on ″Morning Joe″, Pyscho Joe and Crazy Mika had to come up with some new way to spin how this dinner was ″sinister″! Crazy Mika raises the mystery of not knowing what the two national leaders talked about during the dinner? Was it some new, sinister plot to make Hillary Clinton have worse approval numbers in the latest Bloomberg News poll than President Donald Trump? Even Psycho Joe thinks that something ″sinister″ MUST have taken place between Presidents Trump and Putin at the not-so-secret-dinner. ″Black Bottle! Black Bottle!″


So, yes, there is no need to ask the question of whether or not Psycho Joe Scarborough is an idiot. He′s about the biggest dimwit on cable news, if even that could be considered accurate. MSNBC is not exactly a real news organization, so let us just say that Psycho Joe is one of the biggest dimwits on TV. I suppose we could narrow the definition to MSNBC being a Fake News network. Even that may be a tad harsh given that they often air infomercials on weekends. Can′t get enough of those ′how-to′ shows on making big bucks in real estate with other people′s money, now can we? ″Black Bottle! Black Bottle!″


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