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Joe Biden Angry In Iowa

Joe Biden lost his cool in Iowa.  During a town hall event, Biden got angry at an Iowa voter, calling him a, "damn liar".  The man in question had asked Joe about his son Hunter Biden getting a cushy job in Ukraine.  Joe not only verbally attacked the man for repeating this truth, but even called the voter fat!  He then challenged the voter to a push-up contest.  Biden has been getting weird now that he is back in the public light.  Joe lost his cool recently when a reporter asked the Democrat presidential candidate about Hunter's paternity lawsuit in Arkansas.  Some old video has popped up where Joe Biden talks lovingly about how the hairs on his legs turn blonde thanks to the Sun.  He went on to say how wonderful it was when young children would stroke his Sun-bleached leg hair and how much he likes young children jumping on his lap.  EWWW!

Hard times for Uncle Joe!  He's trailing other candidates in Iowa in polls, sitting in 4th place.  Biden has plenty of trouble ahead with Mini-Mike Bloomberg spending nearly $60 million dollars for TV ads aimed at Biden voters.  But Joe is not alone in having trouble on the campaign trail.  Pete Buttigieg got heckled at a rally by members of Black Lives Matter, causing a tussle amongst attendees.  Buttigieg has had problems before with gaffes, as well as a South Bend police shooting this past summer.  Even Nancy Pelosi lost her cool today when she made her impeachment announcement.  She flew off the handle when a reporter asked her if she hated President Trump  

This is why the Democrats are so hell bent on impeaching Trump.  They know that their current crop of presidential candidates suck!  None of them have a chance at defeating Trump in 2020.  They hope that just by impeaching Trump with a House vote, it will tarnish him enough.  I'm sure the Democrats are not so crazy as to believe they have a chance of convincing the Senate to remove Trump from office.  At most, maybe only 2 or 3 Republican senators might vote guilty, a far cry from the 19 needed to achieve a two-thirds majority.

The real question is just how far the Democrats will go at self-destruction?  Now that Kamala Harris has suspended her campaign, and Corey Booker has failed to meet the criteria to be in the next TV debate, many of the race baiters are crying foul.  Only six candidates have met the DNC requirements.  All are white, four are men, three of them being old and straight, sexually speaking.  If Joe Biden continues to implode with his anger and crazy gaffes, he may be lucky to last till Super Tuesday.  

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