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Jimmy Carter Defends Trump, Bashes Obama

Former President Jimmy Carter is defending President Donald Trump, observing that The Media has been extremely harsh against him. During an interview by the New York Times, Carter even accuses Trump′s critics of exaggerating how bad Trump is. Carter says that nobody can be as bad as the Trump haters paint our current President. Jimmy Carter does have some harsh words about Barack Obama, calling Obama′s presidency ″a failure″. Carter also provided an example of how Michelle Obama dissed Rosalynn Carter, excluding her from an event of former First Ladies gathered to raise awareness on mental illness. Mrs. Carter has worked for many years on this cause, and was quite miffed at being left out.




Some will say that Jimmy Carter is merely trying to cozy up to President Trump, hoping to land some position. Carter raised the possibility that he would like to serve as an envoy to North Korea to resolve the ongoing dispute over nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Carter is 94 years old, and has had some health problems of late. So, I doubt if he′s going to be doing much shuttle diplomacy.


What is refreshing is that as a senior statesman, Jimmy Carter is bucking the trend, as the other four former presidents seem bent on trashing President Trump. Last week, both George W. Bush and Barack Obama gave speeches designed just for that purpose. Carter has no axe to grind with Trump. During the 2016 campaign, Jimmy Carter seemed more inclined to support Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic Party presidential candidate. About a month ago, Carter did caution President Trump to modify his tone. But beyond that, he has not been very critical of Trump.


I am more amused by this bashing by Carter of Obama. Clearly, Obama has replaced Carter as the worst president in modern times. You′d have to go back to Grant or Martin Van Buren to find such an awful and corrupt administration. Obama′s economic failings rivals those of Herbert Hoover and FDR, and surpasses those of Jimmy Carter. Obama did nothing himself that had any positive impact on America. He left the country in extreme debt and extremely divided. Even the mission that killed Osama bin Laden was tainted as Obama took more than 6 months to make up his mind on whether or not to authorize the Navy SEAL operation.


Jimmy Carter did do at least one good thing as President. He took personal charge during the Three Mile Island accident. During the height of the crisis, Carter went to the reactor site and reviewed what was going on. Being a former nuclear engineer, trained by the Navy during the era of Admiral Hyman Rickover, Carter knew what to do to resolve the situation. His actions and decisions saved the plant and much of the State of Pennsylvania! When the chips were down, Carter took charge and acted like a leader. Say what you want about Jimmy Carter, the one thing he was good at was acting just as his mentor, Hyman Rickover, had trained him to act. Carter may have been a trained sponge, but he was trained by Rickover, so he was a well trained sponge.


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