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Jeff Sessions DOJ Crackdown on Leaks

Attorney General Jeff sessions announced a crackdown on leaks Friday. The DOJ and other agencies will be increasing their resources and efforts to stop the leaking of classified material. He explained that incidents like the leak of transcripts of phone conversations between President Donald Trump and the heads of Mexico and Australia compromise our national security. That the President cannot properly function unless his conversations with other national leaders, or even with members of Congress, etc, unless they are private. The ramifications could lead to tragic results, including the loss of life.




Naturally, the Fake News Media is calling this new crackdown as a sign of Jeff sessions knuckling under to some recent, public criticism by President Trump. However, as it turns out, Sessions has been in the process of reviewing the DOJ and FBI progress on cases of leaked classified material since becoming Attorney General. While one arrest of a suspected leaker made headlines, Sessions said yesterday that four arrests have been made since he became AG. That the federal government will be increasing resources for going after leaks by a factor of three. The DOJ will also review current policies on ′media subpoenas′, challenging the news media to act more responsibly when it comes to publishing leaks.


This comes as we are learning more about how Obama administration officials have been unmasking the names of American citizens from intelligence reports, many of which have been leaked to The Media. Meanwhile, the story broke yesterday about how The Media colluded with the DOJ and the FBI to cover up the infamous ′Tarmac Meeting′ between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. Over 400 pages of documents were released via a Freedom of Information Act request filed in the courts by the American Center for Law and Justice. Most of the documents are blacked-out from extreme redacting. But the fact that these documents exist show that James Comey lied during his testimony about there being none. They also show that the Washington Post and New York Times deliberately worked with the Obama DOJ to minimize the tarmac meeting story.


I am glad that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has given us an update on the new DOJ crackdown on leaks. He gave few details, which is understandable as these probes are ongoing. Also that the Fake News Media spin is once again a lie as Sessions has been working on the leak probes long before President Trump tweeted about this matter on Twitter. Once again proving that I am probably correct in that those tweets were part of a larger, ′Trump Fu′ strategy to not bash Sessions, but to inform his followers about Democrat scandals not being covered by the Fake News Media.


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