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Iowa Caucus 2020 Results

The Iowa 2020 caucus results are in!  Well, some of them are.  As of 5pm Eastern, the Iowa Democratic Party has released some of the tallies from just 62.2% of over 1,700 precincts.  Pete Buttigieg leads the 2nd Round vote with about 27%, Bernie Sanders at 25%.  Elizabeth Warren follows with almost 19%, Joe Biden with more than 15%, and Amy Klobuchar with more than 12%.  After her, Andrew Yang only got 1% and the rest of the dummies less than 1%.  However, based on some analysis of the vote tallies in Iowa's 99 counties, Bernie Sanders appears to be the actual winner once all the votes are counted with probably 30% over Buttigieg getting maybe 25%.  Warren and Biden may be much closer, enough to switch place finishes.  Either way, the 2020 Iowa caucus has turned out to be an embarrassing disaster for Democrats.  Especially now as we learn that the brand new smart phone vote reporting app, from a company called Shadow, Inc., was created by two former Hillary Clinton data managers.  DUH!  Did anybody think that Hillary's IT staff was going to do a better job than running her private server that lost 33,000 emails?  I guess not!


Yes, one again the long arm of the Clintons has flubbed the DNC.  Just look at the building the Iowa Democrat Party operates out of?  Estimates are that some $300 Million dollars has been spent this time for the Iowa caucus.  You would think they might have a nicer building than the one in the above picture.  The place looks like a rundown, closed convenience store.  There should be an "OUT OF BUSINESS" sign, or maybe just, "FOR SALE".  That's more like it!  After all, we know that in 2016, Hillary Clinton bought the whole DNC.  Or rented it, at least.

Meanwhile, the GOP caucus went off without a hitch and President Trump won with getting 97.1% of the vote.  In fact, the Republican caucus had its highest turn out rate since 1984.  The turn out rate for Democrats was low, barely the same as 2016.  Trump won Iowa that year in the general election by 8 points over Hillary.  So, it may be that Iowa will again go for Trump in November. 

The bungled Democrat caucus is renewing calls from some in The Media to do away with it, switching to a primary system and move Iowa further down the schedule.  The caucus system is less popular nationwide with only 3 others on the schedule.  In 2008, Barack Obama did well, winning 16 out of 17 caucuses.  In the one he lost, Nevada, Obama still wound up getting more delegates.  Speaking of which, Iowa only has 41 delegates to spread around.  A drop in the bucket to the 5,000-plus whom will be choosing the DNC nominee this summer.  Democrats are also unhappy with Iowa's prestige as the first challenge as the state has a demographic issue.  Too many Whites and too few convicts.  The Iowa Democratic Party, which is a private corporation, has yet to announce when they might have the final vote tallies.  So no bragging rights for Bernie for some time.  The Iowa caucus chaos and confusion benefits Biden and Klobuchar most, as it gave them an extra day for pretending to be a winner.

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