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Hillary vs Tulsi

The on-going feud between Hillary Clinton annd Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard {D-HI} continues with more rumors of Hillary jumping into the 2020 presidential campaign. Also, yesterday, Gabbard posted another video on-line attacking Cinton's legacy of failed foriegn policy decisions.  While the feud began in 2016 when Gabbard endorsed Bernie Sanders, this new round of catfighting started when Hillary accused Tulsi of being a Russian asset.  Hillary had made another flight over the cuckoo's nest claiming that Jill Stein was a Russian asset in 2016, groomed by them to run as a third-party candidate, costing Hillary the votes to lose several states to Donald Trump. Now, Hillary claims that the Russians are grooming Tulsi Gabbard to make a third-party run in 2020, and potentially aiding President Trump in winning reelection.


Naturally, Hillary Clinton is once again demonstrating just how bat-shit crazy she truly is!  Her delusions have yet to subside.  You would think that somebody might have tried to convnce Hillary that it is high time to face reality, that she only has herself to blame for her loss in 2016.  But, no, Hillary is well surrounded by sycophants who massge her ego regularly.  So the delusions continue, and with the current field of 2020 Democrat hopefulls being so pathetic, rumors of Clinton jumping into the race are building.  

As if that would make any difference!  A recent analysis by Moodys of voting trends based on economic factors show President Trump winning in all three models.  He wins by substantial margins in two of the models.  Unemployment is at extremely low numbers, the stock market is doing rather well, and family income has grown over $5,000 per year on an average.  The Trump Recovery has been a boom for the nation the past two-and-a-half years.  During 8 years of George W. Bush, medium family income only grew some $400.  Under Barack Obama, just below $1,000 in his 8 years.  But under President Trump, the economy has roared back to life, thanks to deregulation and tax cuts.  If you factor in the extra spending money due to the tax cuts,the medium household incomes have increased nearly $7,000 under President Trump!

So, the Democrats have little to offer, other than raising taxes and further dividing the nation with their political correctness.  Most of the upper tier of Democrat candidates have serious issues of corruption and fraud.  Joe Biden and his sweetheart deals with foreign companies for his family members.  Bernie Sanders wife is tainted after financial problems when she was a college administrator.  Elizabeth Warren has been outed in telling several significant lies about her past.  Kamala Harris has problems going back to her days as a prosecutor in California.  Corey Booker failed as mayor of Newark, New Jersey, leaving the city in horrible condition.  Recent attacks against President Trump about Ukraine look to have even less basis than the phony allegations about Russia.

I wish Tulsi Gabbard well in her war of words with Hillary Clinton.  Not that I would ever vote for her, but to Gabbard's credit, she is a bit more rational than your typical Democrat.  On a persona note, I am happy to return to blogging after veing side-lined by serious health problems earlier this year.  Things were scary for a while, but I am now doing much better.  Well enough to ease my way back into action.


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