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Hillary Clinton Book Bombs 1st Day

The new book by Hillary Clinton, ″What Happened″, must have bombed already on its 1st day on sale. Amazon sliced the $32 price by 40%, knocking it down to just under $18. I guess that pre-release sales must have sucked! Well, we sort of expected this, seeing as how her previous books sold poorly. None have sold more than 20,000 copies. This latest book covers her 2016 presidential campaign. Allegedly in her own words, the book is supposed to explain why she lost. However, judging from earlier interviews and speeches she has given since the election, Hillary′s new book should probably be listed as a work of fiction.




Fox News contributor, Gregg Jarrett, has stated that Hillary Clinton has now piled up some 26 excuses for her loss. This means that she has blamed 26 other people, events and such other than herself. I am not sure what all 26 are, but here is just a short list from what I have heard Hillary say.


Hillary Clinton has blamed James Comey, Vladimir Putin, Facebook, Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. She has also blamed ′The Media′ for giving Donald Trump so much free air time and attention. Hillary also blames White People, White Women, misogynists, xenophobes, and Average Americans. Naturally, she also blames all of the needless attention on ′nothing burgers′ like Benghazi, her use of a private email server, the mishandling of classified material, the shady operations of her family charity organization and her poor health.


So, that makes for 19 excuses that I can think of off the top of my head. There probably are a few others I have missed, so Gregg Jarrett may be correct. I′ll give him the benefit of a doubt that he has well documented list of the 26 reasons Hillary Clinton has stated for why she lost. She did blame herself once for not campaigning hard enough. Plus, she also blamed some of her staff for failing to come up with a good message and slogan. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, she is also blaming states like Wisconsin for requiring that citizens prove that they are legal citizens to vote with a picture ID. So that takes us up to 22 solid excuses. I guess we can toss in Donald Trump, Fox News, talk radio and social media for the other 4 missing excuses.


Hillary Clinton has become completely delusional. Many would say she has been delusional for decades. Like how she remembered getting flowers from young girls on a tarmac in Bosnia somehow became being under gunfire from snipers back in the 1990s. This is why the new book by Hillary Clinton, ″What Happened″, is a stinker that should be sold as a work of fiction. I have not read it, nor do I plan on wasting my time reading her pack of lies. Fools who voted for her might buy a copy and read it, but I suspect that many of them just want to forget the 2016 election altogether.


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