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Hillary Clinton Blames Bernie Again

New excerpts from her up-coming book have been released have Hillary Clinton blaming Bernie Sanders more. Seems that she doesn′t think that the Democratic Party can handle more than one primary candidate at a time. They should have just anointed her and saved themselves all of the fuss with people having to vote. My guess is that Hillary probably feels the same way about the general election. After all, she deserved to be president simply for putting up with 8 years of Bill Clinton, then another 8 years of Barack Obama in the White House. Instead of an election, Hillary Clinton thinks she should have had a coronation.




Poor Hillary! You gotta wonder if she′ll ever figure it out? My guess is, ′No!′ Whatever mental health issues she has have turned her brain to gelatin. Not that she was much of an intellectual to begin with. Let us face reality. She had to know decades ago that Bill Clinton was cheating on her, yet she chose to stick it out for rather base reasons. Like her husband, she is greedy and vile.


The American people, at least about half of us, saw right through her scheming ways. Even many who voted for Hillary did so out of either sympathy for her or hatred for her opponent. The Clintons invented the era of highly divisive politics. Let us not forget that after ′Hillary-Care′ failed to get anywhere, Bill′s polling numbers tanked out to record lows. Only after the Oklahoma City bombing did they perk up again. A recent review of average job approval ratings show that following George H. W. Bush, no president has finished his term in office anywhere near 50%.


Say what you want about possible Russian interference and the other laundry list of excuse from Hillary Clinton on why she lost, she mainly has herself, and Barack Obama to blame. His handling of the economy was pathetic. Beyond that, Hillary had miserable trust factors working against her. You can also track her decline in polling data after her ′illness′. If the shoe fits, or falls off in this case, that is the badge of failure Hillary Clinton must wear.


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Hillary has always protrayed herself as a dame in distress. She constantly wrote that someone is or has abused her. Her father, her husband, the Democrat Party, Obama, Trump, now Sanders. Every book written about her shows her to be an insecure bully. She lies when telling the truth would have deflated the situation she put herself in. I thank god she is not the 45th president, but I feel sorry for her. She is her own worst enemy. She had great potential but constantly ruined her opportunities.


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