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Georgia Special Election 2017 Results

Republican Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff in the Georgia 6th Congressional District special election run-off for 2017. Handel won by a margin of 53% to Ossoff′s 47%, well above political polls. The Democratic Party and their allies in the Fake News Media had hyped up this special election as a national contest against President Donald Trump. The House race was the most expensive in U.S. history with over $50 million dollars spent. Ossoff, supported by Far-Left loons from Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Martha′s Vineyard and Manhattan, out-spent Handel by a margin of 7 to 1. But, once again, the Democratic Party fell short, losing its 5th straight special election since November, 2016, including another House seat, the South Carolina 5th District, which also was held last night.




There is little doubt as to why the Democratic Party candidate, Jon Ossoff, lost. For starters, the 30-year old, part-time documentary film maker did even live in the 6th District! He couldn′t vote for himself! The Ultra-Liberal, pajama-boy doesn′t even appear to know how to shave. Yet, the Far-Left war machine decided to pour millions of dollars into his campaign. Even with turnout being higher than normal, Ossoff still did no better than he had done in the general election.


Meanwhile, in the South Carolina 5th Congressional District special election for 2017, Republican Ralph Norman defeated Archie Parnell, 51% to 48%. Voter turnout was considerably lower there, raising the question that ′What If′ the DNC had chosen to put more resources in SC rather than so much in GA? Obviously, Parnell was not as ′sexy′ as Ossoff, being your typical bearded, 4-eyed middle aged, White Liberal male. Parnell, a tax attorney, looks like he should be teaching a course at Harvard or Yale on how evil America is in history.


Jon Ossoff, on the other hand, looks like the dreamy boy-toy that every 50-plus year-old Liberal cougar wants to pick up at a kale bar. Ossoff had the full checklist of the Far-Left agenda. Pro-abortion, Climate alarmist, and ardent metro-sexuality. The perfect ′She-Man′ to enjoy a cinnamon-expresso latte with on the Winter Solstice. So the nitwits from Martha′s Vineyard to Hollywood poured their cash into his failed campaign. Did they really think he could win in a district that he didn′t even live in?


This morning was so terrible for the Fake News Media that CNN, Number One in Fake News, decided to ignore the election results and instead bore us with another Fake News story questioning whether or not President Donald Trump actually believes that the Russians were meddling in the 2016 election? This is right up there with the ′Two-Scoops-of-Ice-Cream′ and Trump-Scared-of-Stairs′ stories. Great moments in pseudo-journalism. Professor Camille Paglia told Sean Hannity′s radio audience about how journalism, as a profession, has been ruined for decades by becoming the propaganda tool for the Democratic Party. The blatant, Liberal bias has trashed journalism, ending any credibility or respect.


The Democratic Party, as well as the Fake News Media, have lost touch with ′Middle America′. This is why they generally are only able to win elections in isolated areas, mostly in the Northeast and West Coast. This is why Karen Handel won the 2017 Georgia special election for the 6th Congressional District over Jon Ossoff. The Democrats might have had a better shot at staging an upset in yesterday′s South Carolina special election for the 5th Congressional District where Republican Ralph Norman squeaked out a victory against Archie Parnell. The turnout was so low in that ignored election that a few million dollars wasted on Ossoff might have made a difference for Parnell. The Democrats have been on a losing streak since 2008 as they turn more extremist in their Leftist views. I see no plans for them to alter this misguided trajectory.


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