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Former Aide To Debbie Wasserman Schultz Arrested

Imran Awan, a former aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, was arrested at Dulles National Airport attempting to flee the country. I say ″former″ because Awan was still officially on her payroll until he was busted yesterday. Wasserman-Schultz hired Pakistani Awan as an IT worker in 2010. He had access to the computer system of the House of Representatives, and, according to authorities, was allegedly hacking and copying files, perhaps even leaking them. All the while, Awan arranged for his whole family to get jobs and contracts from the House and DNC, earning some $4 Million dollars. Awan was formerly charged with bank fraud, however, this may run much, much deeper.




Oddly enough, even though he attempted to flee the country, Imran Awan was released after his arraignment. He did have to turn over his passport, but he is free and loose. The FBI and Capitol Police discovered a number of smashed hard drives at his former home, thanks to a tip by its new residents. Authorities also secured Wasserman-Schultz′s own laptop, which Awan had had access to. But, now, she demanded that it be returned to her, allegedly threatening Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa that if he does not return it, ″there will be consequences″. The bank fraud case appears to have stemmed from an alleged real estate transaction of at least some $100,000 between Awan and Iraqi man with ties to that government, Ali Al-Attar. There are also reports that help in decrypting some financial software had been requested.


WOW!!! Can you say ′Obstruction of Justice′? Sure ya can! The Daily Caller has been the lead news service which has been following this story. In case you haven′t heard about it yet, you can thank the Fake News Media for ignoring this. Of course, Awan is not a Russian and had nothing to do with President Donald Trump, his campaign nor his businesses. So why should CNN or MSNBC report on this alleged criminal conspiracy? Could Rachel Maddow get worked up into a lather for 20, breathless minutes? How snarky would Anderson Cooper be since nobody tied to President Trump was involved?


So this is just another sign of how fouled up the Democratic Party is. The very day after their big roll-out of their new ′Better Deal′ slogan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz lays a big egg right on the front lawn of the Congress. Imran Awan and his whole family had jobs with House Democrats and access to House computers, including classified data. They apparently stole much IT gear, as a bunch of stuff was found at Awan′s old home by its new tenants. Plenty of smashed computers and even stacks of printer ink cartridges were found by the FBI. Will a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate this? We shall see.


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He is the fall guy for the Democrat Party. They will pay him big, big bucks to fade way forever. Doubt anything will come of this. Classic example of how the Democrats function. They accuse opponents of crimes they have been commiting for decades. Typical Alinsky tactic. The media, aka, Democrat Party P. R. or propaganda section will say Trump did this.


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