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Escape From New Hampshire Primary

The 2020 New Hampshire primary results are in.  At least most of it.  With 87% of the vote counted, Democrats picked Bernie Sanders as their winner, though not by much.  In 2016, running against mainly just Hillary Clinton, Bernie won with 60% of the vote to Hillary's 38%. But against a wider field, The Bern only got just under 26%.  Pete Buttigieg follows close second with nearly 25%.  Amy Klobuchar finished with nearly 20%.  Elizabeth Warren had a rough night, winding up with less than 10% and Uncle Joe Biden got less than 9%.  Which may explain why Biden escaped from New Hampshire before high noon and flew down to South Carolina. He did not even stick around to thank his team in the Granite State.  Poor Joe.


The other candidates on the Democrat ballot finished far worse.  Yang, Gabbard and Styer each got between 3% to 4%.  Results were so bad that Yang and Senator Mike Bennett have dropped out of the race.  Duval Patrick is also considering quitting and there were rumors that Styer was ending his run, but his campaign denies the rumor.  All in all, there was a record turn out for both sides of the ballot.  Some 250,000 people voted Democrat while over 140,000 voted for President Trump.  Trump set a new record for a sitting president, getting more than double than the last 3 presidents.  

New Hampshire Democrats are a crazy bunch.  The two top issues on their mind were healthcare and climate change.  Some 75% are downright angry with Trump!  Only 12% care about the economy.  About a third want full-blown Socialism.  Free college is also high on their list of wants.  Funny that this comes from a state with no income or sales tax.  You would think that those committed to The Cause would prefer living someplace where they can pay their fair share.  But no, as usual, American Socialists ae nothing but a pack of lying hypocrites.  

So, the scene now switches to Nevada, a caucus state.  They are in some turmoil with just one week to go before they cast ballots.  Seems that Nevada Democrats bought the same vote reporting app used in Iowa.  LOL!  Suckers!  South Carolina is in two weeks with Super Tuesday the following week.  Mike Bloomberg was going to skip South Carolina, but now has decided to send a team in to run a write-in campaign.  He's already spent some $350 Million dollars and is expected to blow another $150 Million before Super Tuesday.  With the Biden campaign crashing, Bloomberg is ready to pounce.

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