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Elizabeth Warren Refuses DNA Test

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said she will not take a DNA test to prove her Cherokee bloodline. She made the rounds Sunday on the morning talk shows after President Donald Trump poked more fun at her Saturday night during a campaign rally for Rick Saccone. The President said that the news media will lose ratings if forced to cover ″Pocahontas″ as president for 4 years. Warren also announced Sunday that she will not seek the nomination as a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in 2020. This could be following the Saccone rally in Pennsylvania, ″Saturday Night Live″ did a skit spoofing Robert Mueller and the TV show, ″The Bachelor″. The SNL ′Mueller′ told ′Becca′ that their relationship was over as he could not find any evidence of collusion, nor could he even get President Trump impeached for obstruction of justice. When ′Mueller′ told ′Becca′ that she would have to wait 6 years, not just 2, before life became ″normal′ again, ′Becca′ ran away, crying and upset.




I am sure many other Liberals may be crying now knowing that Elizabeth Warren will not run for president in 2020. Warren is currently campaigning for reelection to her Senate seat this year. The GOP and others are demanding that she submit to a DNA test after her claims of being a Native American Indian. Warren′s only ′proof′ of this are stories from her mother and other relations as to explaining why she has high cheek bones. However, Cherokees are not alone in this physical feature. Many Eastern Europeans also have high cheek bones. Given her blonde hair and blue eyes, it is far more likely that her DNA would show some western Polish or eastern German heritage.


President Trump has poked fun at Elizabeth Warren before, calling her ″Pocahontas″. He also poked fun at many other Democrats and members of the Fake News Media on Saturday night. The crowd in Pennsylvania laughed and cheered when President Trump ridiculed California Congresswoman Maxine Waters for wanting him impeached. He said that she is a ″very low IQ individual″. During the rally for Rick Saccone, who is facing an election tomorrow, the President also unveiled his own campaign slogan for 2020, ″Keep America Great!″


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