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Donna Brazile Says Hillary Clinton Stole Nomination

Former DNC Vice-Chairperson, Donna Brazile has a new book, ″Hacks″, coming out on Tuesday. She claims to have proof that Hillary Clinton stole the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nomination. That the Democratic National Committee colluded with Hillary to prevent Senator Bernie Sanders from earning the honor. Brazile lost her job with CNN as a pundit after leaked DNC emails revealed that she gave the Clinton campaign a copy of primary debate questions. Brazile later took over the DNC after Debbie Wasserman-Schultz stepped down when leaked emails accused Debbie of rigging the primaries in favor of Hillary. During her brief tenure as the head of the DNC, Donna Brazile had access to records and financial statements. Will her proof finally get Hillary Clinton charged with a crime?




Could be! Part of the written agreement between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, signed in August of 2015, includes financial arrangements. The Clinton campaign paid off the $10 Million dollar debt of the DNC in exchange for full financial control, as well as control of staff decisions. In addition, according to the excerpts from Brazile′s book published by Politico this week, DNC money given to state-level campaigns had to be returned back and funneled into the Clinton campaign. One of the people involved in this possible money-laundering scheme is allegedly Marc Elias, the same lawyer at the heart of the Hillary Clinton/DNC/Fusion GPS deal. The result of which was paying money to a foreign national, Christopher Steele, for the infamous Russian Trump Dossier. Elias was also John Podesta′s lawyer when he appeared before Congress to testify on Russian hacking.


You have to wonder if Hillary Clinton is ever going to be held to account for her many misdeeds. From rigging elections to suppressing victims of her husband, from selling our uranium to the Russians to allowing our people in Benghazi to be killed. Sooner or later, something has to stick to her! Donna Brazile is a long time Democratic Party player. She is not without some power and friends. As is usually the case in crime families, the person who brings you down or stabs you in the back is somebody close to you. Good luck, Hillary, try wiggling out of this one!


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