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Donald Trump Wins Twitter War with CNN Wrestling Video

The fight against the Fake News Media may have reached its climax as President Donald Trump wins the Twitter war with the CNN wrestling video! After months of fake news and vile attacks against the President, his family and his supporters, The Media is going down for the count. Unable to stop the Trump Agenda from being implemented by criticizing his hair, hands, tone, or spreading lies about ties to Russian hackers, the verdict is in with the latest polling numbers. President Trump′s approval ratings are higher than that of the Fake News Media. The American public has seen through the propaganda of The Media. This includes the President′s use of social media, as the new survey on Drudge Report shows over 77% support Trump′s use of Twitter!




Yes, once again The People have spoken! Vox Populi is backing up our hero, President Donald J. Trump! The only ′politician′ with the guts to take on the lying monsters of The Media. Part of the reason for his triumphant success is that President Trump has a sense of humor. Unlike the pointy-headed, Liberal, know-it-alls of the Fake News Media. For years they have been contaminating the nation, even the planet, with their lies and humorless opinions. Everything is always some sort of crisis. Take Climate Change as an example. Since the early 1990s, we have had regular warnings about how Earth only has 10 years left before Global Warming kills us all. How the ice caps will melt and the seas will rise, drowning all life. Instead, the reality is that the ice caps have new records of thick ice and new islands are popping up along our coastlines.


Now, journalists say they feel threatened by violence because of the comical video which President Trump posted on Twitter. The video is an old one from back when Trump fought WWE founder Vince McMahon, with McMahon′s face substituted with the CNN logo. Its silly, its funny, and its GREAT! I′ve seen this piece of video altered before by You-Tube sensation, Deplorable Trumpster, made famous with his series of, ″Can′t Stump The Trump′ videos during the elections. I think he had substituted the face of either Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz with McMahon′s in his version of the video. Those videos are good stuff, and quite funny, too!


So the Fake News Media is frightened by the possible violence of a silly video. Meanwhile, they are harming our nation everyday by not reporting the truth about issues like illegal immigration, the invasion by foreign drug gangs, and how violent, Left-Wing groups have seized control of our schools and are targeting police and Conservative politicians. Spreading lies about how the horrific death of a 17-year-old girl, Habra Hassanen, was killed by White Supremacists, motivated by Islamophobia caused by President Trump. In fact, she was killed by an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, who had assaulted and raped another woman just a week earlier, but was released by police. Just the sort whom President Trump campaigned about when he proposed building a wall along our southern border to ′Make America Safe Again′.


No, The Media has everything backwards and upside-down. Especially when they give their opinions and viewpoints. If they cannot tell the facts straight, then their commentary is even more insane, more wrong. That they had to spend a whole day, even continuing this morning, about some silly video, while ignoring everything else which is going on, speaks volumes of how corrupt and fraudulent The Media has become. Not to forget how irresponsible they are, too! NBC News is now claiming that it is the Conservative Media which has divided America. In truth, NBC News, along with the rest of the Fake News Media, have been busy dividing our nation for decades.


For all of the fluster over how President Trump attacked Mika Brzezinski on Twitter last week, The Media, including Hollywood and Popular Culture, have been trashing White Men, Christians, Conservative Women and Blacks, and other select groups for many years with intense zeal. Yet little, if any outrage is permitted. Far-Left Liberals have all but shutdown free speech on college campuses, and are busy doing the same in K-12 schools, as well as the workplace. Speakers who have any viewpoint other than the that of the Fascist Left are assaulted, chased and beaten in riots. But, oh, this silly video of Trump wrestling CNN is somehow an act of violence requiring immediate action.


I could go on, but the case is clear and obvious. President Donald Trump defeated everyone of his political opponents using humor, tagging them with a funny, and often very honest assessment, which the American voters appreciated and responded to. The Fake News Media is filled with hatred because of that. We even have the Project Veritas video showing CNN Associate Producer Jimmy Carr saying that the Americans who voted for President Trump are ″stupid sh*ts″. That is what CNN and the rest of the Fake News Media really think about us. So kudos to President Donald Trump for mocking them with the CNN wrestling video. Trump promised us during his campaign that he would fight for us and he is doing just that! So keep on tweeting on Twitter, President Trump! When you win, WE WIN!!! Thank you!


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