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Democrats Steal Papa Johns Slogan

The Democratic Party is shamelessly trying to steal the Populist message from President Donald Trump. In their 11-page, ′Better Deal′ document, they promise better jobs, better wages and better future for all. They listed several programs they are backing, such as a $1 Trillion dollar infrastructure plan which they claim will create some 15 million new jobs. In 2009, they spent a trillion dollars and barely created 250,000 jobs at a cost of some $400,000 each! President Trump wants to get a large infrastructure bill passed and no doubt it will actually go for improving roads and bridges,etc, not bailing out misused pension funds as in Illinois and other states and cities run by Democrats. But, perhaps worst of all is how the new slogan by the Democrats is a rip-off of the Papa Johns Pizza ad of ″better ingredients, better pizza, Papa Johns!″




About the only thing this new document that was honest concerns why the Democratic Party has been loosing elections since 2009. They have begun to recognize that they have lost touch with the Middle Class, and even the Poor! Blaming President Trump′s victory on the Russians, James Comey and the other excuses lately voiced by Hillary Clinton are all phoney reasons. Under Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats had continued to drag the DNC further Left, embracing Socialism and all of its ills.


Instead of focusing on creating jobs for the Poor and Middle Class, the Democratic Party was more interested in saving minnows and promoting the lie of climate change. Instead of unifying the nation and restoring American Exceptionalism, they trashed our country, further dividing the citizens into subgroups to manipulate and pit against each other. These tactics have resulted in the Democratic Party loosing over 1,000 elected offices since 2009. From state houses and governorships to control of the House and Senate.


So do not be too excited by this new attempt by the Democratic Party of trying to become Populists. They lied about Obamacare, Benghazi and a host of other issues. This new ′Better Deal′ document is also a lie, for if they really believed in it, they would be supporting President Donald Trump in his agenda for reforming and rebuilding America. Chucky Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have no true interest to Make America Great Again, they only want to stop the bleeding of their power base, which is now lower than it has been since the 1920s.


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