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Democrats, Party Of Crime

by Andrew Zarowny, 10/2/2018


Democrats are the political party of crime. So says President Donald J. Trump. He repeated this message last night at a MAGA rally in Johnson City, Tennessee, stumping for Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, who is running for the U.S. Senate. The President reminded voters that Democrats seem to support criminals more so than law abiding, legal citizens. Many members of the Democrat Party have defended the ruthless drug gang MS-13, and the domestic terrorist group Antifa. Many Democrats, especially in California, support policies to benefit illegal aliens to the detriment of actual legal residents and citizens. Particularly with policies favoring open borders and Sanctuary Cities.




One has to wonder why Democrats seem so willing to give away taxpayer dollars to those who do not deserve it while many citizens who do need help are in want? Why they favor leniency towards killers and rapists over the victims of crimes? Just wonder how many people have been victims of crimes from repeat offenders, set free by Liberal, Democrat judges? In sanctuary states like New York and California, convicted murders who are illegal aliens in prison are at a demographic rate several times above any other demographic group. Without laws, judicial appointments and policies by Democrat politicians, these killers should have been deported long before they committed any violence here in America.


One of President Trump′s slogans is to ″Make America Safe Again″. He is trying. The Department of Justice is targeting the drug gang MS-13, infamous for their brutality. Work has begun on improving our border security with repairs and replacement of walls and fences. One of the new slogans appearing lately at MAGA rallies is, ″FINISH THE WALL″. President Trump wants to do just that, but he needs more Republicans in the Senate, as well as some better ones in the House of Representatives.


Unlike most politicians elected to office, President Donald Trump is actually succeeding at fulfilling his campaign promises. A few months ago, one study showed that he had come through on about 63% of his promises, far more than any other president during a similar period. This weekend, President Trump kept another major promise, replacing NAFTA with a new and improved trade deal, the USMCA or United State, Mexico, Canada Agreement. Promises made, promises kept!


With the 2018 midterm elections just 5 weeks away, voters will have to decide whether or not to give President Donald Trump a legislature more cooperative to completing his agenda. Despite all of the negative fake news spread by The Media, America is doing much better since President Trump took office. The economy is roaring right along with incredible employment statistics, extraordinary confidence by consumers and business owners, and a stock market which is still setting new record highs. Most of our allies, and even a few enemies, are respecting us more overseas.


In contrast, the Democrat Party is offering little, if any vision to what goals they have for their agenda. Mostly, it is just to further resist and obstruct President Trump. Many talk about impeachment. We have already seen the harm caused by the Robert Mueller Russia probe. After spending some $200 Million dollars, about all they have to show is a few unrelated white collar crimes dating back a dozen years, or a few ′process crimes′ caused by a few people being less than candid with the FBI. For the first few months of his administration, President Trump had a hard time even getting legislative support from Republicans due to the belief that he was going to be impeached or forced out by the summer of 2017. But, he wasn′t!


For decades, the Democrat Party supported government crime, looting the wealth of taxpaying citizens so they could buy votes from their various political factions. Now, they seem to be supporting other criminals to rob, murder and rape citizens as freely as possible. The Democrats have been trying to trash the Constitution by assaulting the Second Amendment for decades. Now they appear to be going after the First Amendment, too, by restricting free speech on college campuses and on the Internet. The choice for the 2018 midterm elections is very obvious. You either vote for Democrats to get more crime and fewer freedoms, or you vote for Republicans to help President Donald Trump bring about more prosperity and to Make America Great Again!


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