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Democrat Impeachment Vote Halloween Trick

The House Democrats are playing a Halloween trick on the American people today.  They will be voting on the impeachment resolution, laying out the procedure for the inquiry.  Any hope that this inquiry would be a fair and objective one were dashed when the text of the resolution were made public late Tuesday.  While it does authorize the House Judiciary Committee to begin holding hearings, some in public, the resolution still allows Adam Schiff to hold his secret hearings in the House Intelligence Committee.  Also, House Republicans will be severely restricted in participating.  Any witnesses they want to subpoena must be approved of by  committee chairs, and any questions asked of any witnesses are subject to the whims of the two committee chairs.  Nagler and Schiff will also be able to limit questions posed to witnesses by President Trump's lawyers.  Nancy Pelosi is fooling the American people, tricking them into thinking that this inquiry is legitimate or honest.

Forget what I wrote the other day.  I was wrong!  I thought that Pelosi and the Democrats would follow the precedents of the Nixon and Clinton impeachment inquiries.  Sadly, they are not!  What today's resolution does is merely to reinforce the biased, secret inquiries they are already doing.  Mind you, they have yet to find any evidence of wrong doing, despite all of the testimony already taken by Schiff.  The witnesses called so far only have second or third-hand information, or merely their own personal opinions to offer.  None have been able to fully disagree with the official transcript of the telephone call President Trump had with the president of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, those in The Media are still largely ignoring the known example of an actual quid-pro-quo issue when Joe Biden, as Vice President, demanded that the Ukraine government fire their attorney general within 6 hours before he flies home or be denied some one billion dollars in US aid,  Nor the amazing good fortune of Biden's son, Hunter, getting a high-paying job from a Ukranian energy company. Under the law, one which Adam Schiff voted for, President Trump is obligated to raise the subject of corruption before releasing US funds.  Even then, the transcript shows that President Trump never actually did say, specifically, that there would be any connection between the release of US aid and any investigations on corruption.  There was no threats nor any quid-pro-quo!

No, this whole inquiry is nothing but a smokescreen, meant to distract the American people as the Justice Department Inpsector General report is due to be released shortly, and the probe by prosecutor Jon Durham becomes a criminal investigation.  Many Obama administration officials in the FBI, Justice Department, and even some in the Intelligence community, were actively involved in a smear campaign against Candidate Trump in 2016.  New evidence has surfaced showing that FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, modified the 302 memos to help force Michael Flynn to plead guilty.  We also know that Ukraine's government was active in supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 and that most of the more damning evidence against Paul Manafort came from the Ukraine government.

The House Democrats, and their allies in The Media, are dishonest in their attacks against President Donald Trump. They have never been fair with him from the start.  Even as President Trump was taking the oath of office on January 20, 2017, the Washington Post published a story that very day calling on impeachment tp begin.  They failed to nail President Trump on the Russian collusion fake news, and they will fail again on the even thinner Ukraine matter.  The walls are not closing in on the Trump administration, despite what The Media is saying.  But they may well be closing in on the Deep State and former Obama officials.  


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