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Declassify and Unmask Obama, Hillary Files

As President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump has the legal, constitutional authority to declassify any document held by the government. With all of the leaks going on against the Trump administration by Deep State types, as well as by other enemies of Trump, I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander! So how about declassifying and unmasking any and all files concerning Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Lets see what those two were up to while in office!




Now, obviously I would be in favor of redacting critical information from NSA intercepts and other intelligence which might expose means and methods, as well as other citizens. But I am quite curious about what foreign ambassadors might have been telling their superiors about their interactions with Obama and Hillary? Or of phone conversations Obama and Hillary had with other heads of state? Just what were they chatting about? If the Washington Post thinks that conversations between President Trump and other world leaders are worth publishing, how about those of Obama and Hillary? I′m interested in knowing, are you?


Recent stories by the Washington Free Beacon about Obama′s UN Ambassador, Samantha Powers, unmasking hundreds of American citizens from intelligence reports, and Circa News on how Obama′s National Security Chief Ben Rhodes being involved in unmasking, show a lot was happening in the closing months of the Obama administration. There appear to have been wholesale unmasking of not only those involved in the Trump campaign, transition team or business operations, but also of members of Congress and their staff. I have to assume that the focus was on Republican members and staffers, but, who can say? Obama′s connections with the rest of the Democratic Party is not exactly a love-fest.


Some of you may recall back in 1993 when Bill Clinton entered the White House. One of the first actions undertaken was getting the FBI files on some 400 politicians and national figures. So using such wholesale tactics to get information of potential political opponents is not new. Obama made politicizing the FBI, Justice Department and our entire national security and intelligence apparatus another wholesale enterprise. This is the sort of thing you would see in a police state run by the likes of Josef Stalin or Saddam Hussein.


Frankly, the fact that President Donald Trump has not done anything like this yet is a good sign that we have an honest man in the White House. That he is more focused on doing what is best for the nation and its citizens rather than seek to consolidate power or political revenge. So, my basic point here is that President Trump does have the legal authority to wreak all sorts of havoc by declassifying and exposing what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did while they were in office. If I were him, I would, just to even the playing field and let those in the Deep State know that the leaks had better stop. Or else!


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