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Crazy Democrats Get Crazier

by Andrew Zarowny, 11/1/2018


With just 5 days left to go before the 2018 midterm elections, crazy Democrats are gettng crazier! Even Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is calling out her crazy colleagues like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Last night, Warren, formerly known as Pocahontas, now Fake-ahontas, exhibited dementia as she forgot that she is under an ethics investigation for a fund raising email she sent during the Justice Kavanaugh hearings. New videos from Project Veritas show how Democrat candidates nationwide are lying about the positions they are taking on key issues. Meanwhile, Democrat allies in the Fake News Media are going spastic in the never ending attacks against President Donald Trump. Cable news hosts like Don Lemon and Mika Brzezinski are hearing so many ′dog whistles′ that their brains have melted.



The Democrats have very little to offer voters in the way of ideas. MediCare for all would cost taxpayers over $30 Trillion dollars over the next 10 years, bankrupting the nation. Open borders and amnesty for all illegal immigrants would open the floodgates to tens of millions pouring in. Resistance to President Trump is about all they can promise, and even that is debatable. He accomplished quite a bit even without much help from Republicans in Congress, let alone Democrats. Stopping him is like stopping the wind or the Earth orbiting the Sun.


As things stand now, it is a certainty that the Democrats will not win back the Senate. Despite Nate Silver and Nancy Pelosi, even winning back the House is far from a done deal. Democrats might win a dozen or so seats in the House, but the odds are against them from winning the needed 23 to regain control. A big part of this is due to President Trump′s approval numbers amongst Black and Hispanic voters. He did quite well with both in 2016 and since then, thanks to improving the economy for minority workers, support from both has nearly doubled. Women are also finding life under a Trump administration better than before, especially in the suburbs.


Early voting in key states shows a very large turn out of Republican voters, which is rare. Usually, Democrats dominate in early voting, but not this election. During his rally in Florida last night, President Trump was amazed when nearly the entire audience of over 10,000 supporters claimed to have already voted. ″What am I doing here?″, the President asked. Florida is among those states where more Republicans are voting early than Democrats, possibly for the first time ever!


About the only people who think that the Democrats have already won back the House are Nancy Pelosi, Nate Silver and various idiotic pundits and hosts on CNN and MSNBC. I am not saying that its in the bag that the GOP will hang on to the House. What I am saying is that the fight is far from over and we may not know the outcome till days after the election next week. So if you have yet to vote, please do so now and #VoteRed as the fate of our nation depends on it! The choice is simple, Greatness versus Gridlock.


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