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Congressional Abuse Of Power

Nancy Pelosi has declared that there will be an impeachment vote against President Donald Trump.  House Democrats seem to be focusing on abuse of power charges after yesterday's hearings in the House Judiciary Committee.  While all four legal experts were Democrats, three have a history of wanting Trump impeached long before any phone calls to Ukraine.  The fourth expert, Jonathan Turley, was the only witness who displayed any rational thinking.  He warned that what House Democrats are doing, proceeding with no fact-based witnesses or physical evidence at break-neck speed, Congress would be the ones abusing their power.  A big sign of this is Adam Schiff using his subpoena power to obtain the phone records of journalist John Soloman and Rep. Devin Nunes.  Something Senator Rand Paul intends to question Schiff about once the impeachment circus rolls inside the Senate.

There was nothing new introduced yesterday as evidence that President Trump violated his oath of office.  Democrats are only doing this because they do not trust the American people to vote for Trump next November.  They have never acceted Trump's election in 2016.  Pelosi even called him an "imposter"just a couple weeks ago.  During the hearings yesterday, Minority Co-Chair, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), demanded that Schiff's Intelligence Committee turn over all of their transcripts plus the original paperworkfrom the Intelligence Community Inspector General.  Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are cherry-picking what information is being made public.  

President Trump violated no laws when he spoke with Ukraine President Zelensky.  In fact, delaying the release of the military aid was in compliance WITH THE LAW!  Ukraine has a reputation as being the world's 3rd most corrupt government, according to the World Bank.  A rather Progressive, Liberal, international organization,which usually sides with Globalists.  I have to ask since when did we become allies with Ukraine?  During World War Two, much of Ukraine saw Nazi Germany as liberators.  Many fought on their side against the Soviet Union.  There was still fighting in Ukraine long after Germany surrendered, well into the 1950s.  Nazi backed Ukrainian military forces opposed the Soviets, equipped with weapons made in Germany, including some high-tech weapons like the Messerschmidt 262 jet fighter-bomber.

No, as usual, what we are seeing is the Democrats accusing Trump of doing things that they, themselves are doing.  Democrats like to chant the mantra of how Trump is not above the law.  If anything, Trump has been the victim of legal abuse ever since he decided to run for President. House Democrats are the ones abusing their power, rushing to impeach in record time with no evidence and avoiding involvement of our 3rd branch of government, the courts.  This is why they will not fight to get witnesses like John Bolton to testify.  You can bet that the Senate will not be so squeemish as they seek to get many to testify, including Joe and Hunter Biden, plus the so-called whistleblower.  While House Democrats carry on their sham impeachment strategy, nothing is being done to fund the government, to reduce drug prices for senior citizens, or to fix our roads, bridges and utility infrastructures.  Plus, the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico is still in limbo.

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