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Congress Launches Uranium Deal Probe

Both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee are launching investigations into the Uranium One deal. The probes will seek to uncover why the Barack Obama administration, including the State Department led by Hillary Clinton, approved the sale of 20% of our uranium supply to a Russian company, Rosatom. This, despite an investigation by the FBI, led by Robert Mueller and James Comey in 2009, showed that Rosatom, as well as other companies involved, allegedly may have committed numerous felonies including bribery and other corruption crimes. Also, why and how the Clinton charity foundation received some $145 Million dollars from 9 donors associated with the uranium deal? The well documented story appears to indicate actual collusion between the Obama administration, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton personally, with the Russians.




This story is not new, but has gotten almost no attention by the Fake News Media. Even this week, as Congress launches its probes into the uranium deal, most news networks are saying nothing about it. CNN, for example, has only aired one 19-second story about what may be the biggest government corruption case since Tea Pot Dome. Aside from the corruption angle, there is an even graver national security aspect. The Uranium One deal was meant to allow the Russia company to mine uranium ore in the United States solely for selling it here in America. However, reports are that some 25% of the uranium yellow cake was shipped overseas. Whats worse is that the alleged shipments may not have gone to where they were intended!


With all of the time, money and effort wasted on phony allegations about Russia colluding with Donald Trump′s campaign last year, with Uranium One we have considerable documented evidence. We even have a whistle-blowing witness who wants to tell the story, but is under a gag order from the Obama Justice Department not to talk about the deal. For example, a financial investment firm backing the Russian company, Rosatom, paid Bill Clinton $500,000 to give a speech in Moscow, twice his normal fee. This, in addition to the $145 Million donated to the Clinton Foundation, much of which they failed to initially report in their financial statements.


The lobbying firm hired to get approval for the sale from the State Department was owned and run by John Podesta, the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, and his brother. Another direct tie between the Clintons and the Russians. The FBI investigated charges of bribery and other forms of crimes of corruption which emerged during the course of the Uranium One deal. However, it seems that somebody suppressed this information from being made public as the Obama administration decided to approve the deal. Robert Mueller, who is currently leading the Trump-Russia probe, and James Comey, who appears to have squashed the Hillary Clinton email probe, were running the FBI at the time of the Uranium One deal probe.


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