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CNN Caught on Video, Russia Story BS

James O′Keafe and Project Veritas are at it again, this time exposing CNN and how their obsession with the Trump – Russia story is just for ratings. John Bonifield, a CNN producer, is caught on video spilling the beans! This report by Project Veritas comes right after CNN was forced to retract a story which alleged that a Trump supporter, Anthony Scaramucci, was being investigated on ties to Russia. But, the story was ′Fake News′. The anonymous sources were wrong. Scaramucci was not being investigated. CNN was forced to retract the story and apologize. The three reporters behind the fake news story resigned after CNN announced that they were establishing new guidelines for their reporting.




Now we have the Project Veritas video of John Bonifield admitting on camera that the pursuit by CNN of the Trump-Russia story is just bullsh*t. That CNN is only pursuing it because of ratings. Since November, O′Keafe points out that CNN has mentioned this story almost 16,000 times! They just keep hammering away at it even though there has yet to be one, single shred of any evidence connecting President Donald Trump with Russia or election meddling.


At one point during the first video released by Project Veritas, Bonifield described how during an editor′s meeting, Jeff Zucker told his team to drop the story about Trump pulling out of the Paris Accords and return to focus on the Russia collusion story. Bonifield explains that CNN has had a ratings boost since they started covering Trump so intensely. Mind you, they still lag far behind Fox News as far as cable goes, and are nowhere near having the viewership of any ′broadcast′ network. Bonifield admits that had CNN covered Barack Obama with the same zeal, most of their viewers, who are primarily Liberals, would have been unhappy.


CNN is now also leading the charge on the latest ′story′, how the White House press briefings are no longer being televised. CNN′s White House ′correspondent′, Jim Acosta, has been making quite a nuisance of himself over this subject. President Trump has even called out Acosta personally for being not just ″fake news″, but ″very fake news″. Statistics show that CNN has been covering the Trump administration at least 4 times more than Obama′s during the same period of the first 100 days, with about 93% of the coverage being negative. At times, CNN assembles panels of 6 or more pundits on air to bash President Trump over the silliest minutia. Even how he likes two scoops of ice cream on his apple pie.


A recent poll conducted by Harvard-Harris shows that two-thirds of American audiences think that the Russia story is hurting the nation. That 55% think that The Media should drop it and move on to other issues. With no credible evidence that there was any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign or transition teams, the American people are growing sick of the continuous coverage. We have already seen how the ratings for MSNBC, which briefly surpassed Fox News for two weeks, have slacked off and returned to normal, putting them in third place for much of the day. In prime-time, CNN is on the bottom of the three, major cable news networks.


So why is CNN continuing to over-hype the Russia story? Politics! Jeff Zucker is a die-hard Liberal who hates President Donald Trump. Some say that Zucker has been considering running for office, himself. The new video released by Project Veritas shows that at least one CNN producer, John Bonifield, knows that the Russia story is ″bullsh*t″. James O′Keefe refers to CNN as the ″American Pravda″ for twisting the news to serve a devious purpose. Watch the Project Veritas video yourself and form your own conclusions.


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