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CNN Blackmail Scandal Against Reddit User

If CNN were not in enough trouble for spreading fake news stories they had to retract, and for being exposed as creating fake news just for getting ratings, now they are threatening blackmail against a Reddit user. Yesterday, CNN investigator Andrew Kaczynski tweeted on Twitter that they have discovered the real identity of the person who posted the Trump-WWE video, substituting Vince McMahon′s face with the CNN logo after CNN published an article about how they learned his identity. According to the tweet, CNN figured out who the Reddit user, HanAssholeSolo was, and will not publish his actual name because he agreed to apologize to CNN and issued a statement, taking down all of his negative posts about CNN. This unleashed a firestorm on social media, with the hash-tag #CNNBlackmail becoming the top trending top on Twitter. Some folks like Julian Assange of WikiLeaks are accusing CNN of blackmail or coercion as defined by Sec. 135.60 of the New York Criminal Code.




Talk about ′unprecedented′ moves! CNN is literally self-destructing in their own ultra-hate-filled biases. Here they are threatening to ′doxx′ this Reddit user for posting the ″Trump-CNN-wrestling″ meme, as well as making other comments about how CNN is ′Fake News′. In the tweet by Kaczynski, CNN makes it clear that at any time they may still publish the actual name, and possibly other personal information, about the Reddit user. HanAssholeSolo did take down his posts about CNN and fake news and did post an apology, claiming that he was ″just trolling″. That he meant no harm nor advocates any violence.


So, there lies the ′power of the press′! CNN scared an ordinary American citizen from expressing himself. Now, how does CNN threatening to identify an anonymous Reddit user square with them ′protecting′ their anonymous sources for the fake news about President Donald Trump? CNN claims they have that privilege under the First Amendment to not divulge the names of their sources. Even if those sources are providing fake, even slanderous information?


No, this is more Fake News Media hypocrisy! Something which CNN is doing quite a bit of lately. As the Project Veritas videos by James O′Keefe clearly show, those in charge of producing ′the news′ on CNN are knowingly lying about President Trump. They are deliberately misleading the public in the pursuit of ratings and advertising dollars. Not the forget that the videos also show the general contempt which CNN has for the American voters, with Jimmy Carr calling them, ″stupid as sh*t″. Should the First Amendment apply to CNN any longer? Should they remain a ′credentialed′ news service?


This is just my own humble opinion, but I think NOT! CNN has obviously crossed the line between journalism and propaganda. They have deliberately tossed away any ethics governing the so-called, ′Fourth Estate″. By doing so, they are little more than a for-profit Political Action Committee. The Justice Department, the FCC, the FEC and the IRS should review CNN and determine if any laws have been broken? If they need to have their press credentials terminated, then so be it. Frankly speaking, given their present behavior, I would believe that the First Amendment no longer applies to their operations, and therefore, must divulge any sources which may have broken other laws, such as the Espionage Act, to authorities.


President Donald Trump did not force CNN to become a Fake News Network. CNN did this all on their own, apparently because of a political agenda held by their upper management. If the Project Veritas videos are true, a political agenda shared by 90% or more of CNN employees. I suspect that CNN is not alone in this as several other news agencies appear to be functioning in a similar manner. However, in the last two weeks, CNN has exposed themselves as having violated nearly every standard of objective journalism. They cannot be trusted and have descended to the level of ′Media Bully′, if not in fact of criminal behavior.


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CNN is the Leftist Mafia network. I resent I have to have them in my cable package. I wish I could just purchase the stations I watch and chuck CNN and all the other Leftist Propaganda stations. I would not have to support these parasites who could not compete and give factual news instead of junk. Who is watching this garbage anyway? Don't people have lives and are too busy for this nonsense?



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