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Charlottesville Protests, Violence

Make no mistake, what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday was ugly, stupid and wrong! President Donald Trump was correct in condemning the violence from ″many sides″. Everybody involved in the protests are to blame for the violence. There was no justifiable reason for it. Those who came to protest the stupid decision to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee should have taken a tip from Ghandi and conducted themselves is a peaceful, nonviolent manner. Police and authorities should have acted more aggressively from the beginning to restrict anyone carrying items which might have been dangerous. The counter protesters needed to conduct themselves far better as well. No side of this argument scored any points yesterday. Instead, 3 people are dead and dozens injured and we are left with shame and disgust on all sides!




I am not going to make any friends today, but that is fine! Friends like those who were involved in yesterday′s protests I can do without. Charlottesville is a classic example of history and politics being completely misunderstood. For starters, we have the idiots in the Fake News Media calling this a battle between the ′Right and the Left. WRONG! Just as we saw in the chaos of the Weimar Republic days in Germany, those fighting on the streets were both from the Far Left. International Socialists, a.k.a Communists, fighting National Socialists, a.k.a. Nazis. On the actual political spectrum, the Far Right are those who want very little, if any government at all, whereas the Far Left want as much government as possible. The majority in the Middle just want enough government to keep society and civilization chugging along.


Being a Nationalist has NOTHING to do about race and everything to do about sovereignty. We live in America and want to live under American laws, not laws created by some foreign entity. A Nationalist wants policies that place our own interests before those of other nations. Why should we have to suffer or pay for other people′s mistakes and choices? We want leaders who put our interests first ahead of other nations.


There is no such thing as ′White Nationalism′. What we saw yesterday was a group of Neo-Nazi, White Supremacists challenging a stupid decision about removing a statue. Frankly, if the White Supremacists want to do something to help the White Race, they should have more babies! Beyond that, Equality is the only answer for a society to function. That includes equality under the law, in politics, in education and yes, even in history!


The Far Left has been taken down the road of Political Correctness for decades and has now reached into the realm of Anti-History. Confederate flags are no longer permitted to be displayed in public places. Even the old General Lee car from the TV series ″Dukes Of Hazzard″ is considered a racist symbol. Now, statues of historical figures are being targeted. Who is next? I can tell you that there are movements to do away with Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson and even George Washington. If we continue down this present course, that is where we are headed. Oddly enough, in ′The South′, there are actually more statues honoring Black soldiers who fought for the Confederacy than there are of those who fought for ′The Union′ in ′The North′.


What happens after the Anti-History movement gets rid of all artifacts of the old days of slavery? Will they tear down any symbols of whalers in Boston? How about Henry Ford? I can′t help but think about the movie, ″Interstellar″, where children in the future are taught in schools that the Moon landings never took place. This is what the Anti-History movement, part of Political Correctness, a division of the Far Left, is doing to our society. I saw one sign being carried yesterday by a counter-protester that started off with the phrase, ″NO GOD″. The long term goal appears to be to turn the population into a soulless, mindless bunch of drones, not unlike those seen in the classic silent movie, ″Metropolis″.


If you are going to fight the Far Left, you have to be smart about it. A nonviolent, Ghandi-like approach where you provoke the other side to use excessive force is the only way to win favor with the Middle Majority. That is why President Donald Trump won last November. Every time the Far Left hate groups like Black Lives Matter took to the streets and became violent, the Middle Majority rejected them, seeking peace and normalcy. The Middle Majority does feel out of sorts these days. They voted for President Trump to get things done after years of stagnation and mistakes in Washington.


This why he has better approval ratings than Congress! Even when some polls have President Trump at 33%, he is still doing better than the rest. Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan came out on January 26 of this year laying out their ′200-Day′ plan for legislation to be passed before the August recess. President Trump has been doing his job, the rest have not! Those of us who understand that we are in a long-term battle know that one election is not going to solve all of our problems. We not only need a whole new batch of elected officials, but also a new generation in the bureaucratic machinery, too!


This is why I am personally disgusted by what I saw yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia. We had a lot of stupid people, all of them Socialists on the Far Left, acting extremely badly. Things have not reached a point where any amount of violence is justified. The election of President Donald Trump last November proved that we still can change things at the ballot box, peacefully and rationally.


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