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Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting Collusion, Lies

I really have to wonder if had Hillary Clinton been elected last year, if America would be looking like Venezuela right now? A nation in total chaos, with a failed economy, rampant inflation, political turmoil and becoming a tyrannical dictatorship. A case in point is the recent revelation that the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the FBI, has been lying about the existence of documents pertaining to the Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac of the Phoenix, Arizona airport. After FOIA requests to the FBI resulted in a response that no such documents existed, another Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Justice found some 413 pages worth.




From what we are learning, the so-called, chance meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch appears to have been planned for well in advance. Just days before Hillary Clinton was to be interviewed, not under oath, about the private email server case. FBI agents deliberately kept reporters away during the secret meeting. However, a TV reporter from the local Phoenix ABC News affiliate got wind of the meet and went public about it. What followed was a series of emails and communications between the FBI and the DOJ concerning how to handle the story. One of the documents obtained by the American Center for Law and Justice FOIA request is the actual ′talking points′ memo. Unfortunately, the entire text of the memo was redacted, blacked-out to hide its content.


Some of the other documents obtained by the FOIA show how reporters from ABC News, the Washington Post and the New York Times were cooperating with the DOJ and FBI to downplay or ignore the tarmac meeting story. An attempt to make it look like just another looney-tune story that only Fox News would cover. As we learn more about how the FBI flubbed the whole Hillary email probe under James Comey, and how Loretta Lynch never had any intention of seriously investigating Ms. Clinton, it appears that The Media and the Obama administration were colluding to obstruct justice.


So, what do you call it when a government covers up a criminal act for political reasons? When institutions designed to enforce the very laws of our nation discard them to protect a few, select people? Does this rate being called tyranny? Just look at how the very same institutions are going after President Donald Trump for alleged collusion with the Russian government, all based on a phoney document. How the same agencies of our intelligence community, which claim that Russia was trying to interfere in our elections, completely bungled the latest assessment on North Korean missile capabilities. Within 48 hours of the latest intelligence reports to Congress about how North Korea is some two years or more away from hitting targets in the continental United States, the successfully test a missile which could hit as far as Miami, Florida!


When President Donald Trump talks about draining the swamp, he′s not kidding! Washington DC is a massive swamp of corruption and deceit. As much as I want Obamacare repealed and some real tax reform, draining the swamp alone is a Herculean task. One which is absolutely necessary if our country is to survive. I would have no problem if President Trump were to fire every single, non-military, federal employee. Nor would I have any problem with mandating lie detector tests on anyone suspected or in a position to do wrong, such as leaking classified material. Our nation cannot afford to allow such people to continue to have access to any amount of power over us citizens.


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