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Biden - You Ain't Black

Joe Biden did it again!  Mr Gaffe was on the podcast, "The Breakfast Club", hosted by Charlemagne tha God this morning.  As the interview was wrapping up, Charlemagne said he still had many questions for Joe.  But Biden responded that if you still haven't chosen to vote for him over Trump, "then you ain't Black"!  This touched off a backlash from a number of Black business leaders, politicians and entertainers.  Robert Johnson, founder and CEO of the BET network, and even P Diddy, both took offense to Biden's remark. Michigan Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, war veteran John James, also issued a statement condemning Joe Biden.  Of course, James was on hand with President Trump at the tour of the Ford Motor factory yesterday.  Biden issued an apology and told a group of Black businessmen via telephone that he was, "too cavalier".  There has been a growing concern nationwide that Democrat candidates take the Black vote for granted.


Biden's remark smacks of what is often called, 'plantation politics'.  Some leaders in the Black community often complain that Democrat politicians, usually the White ones, only visit Black neighborhoods while campaigning for votes, then never see them again till the next election.  Couple this with the reality that Democrat run cities are typically the worst for Black employment and other issues, like education and healthcare.  Trump challenged Black voters to give him a try, and, as in other promises made in 2016, Trump did deliver with record employment numbers and reforms in justice and law enforcement in Black communities.

Biden urged Black voters to look at his record.  However, Joe's record is not all that great.  His early days in Washington found Biden working with segregationists.  Biden also supported the 1994 Crime Bill, which has been quite harsh on Blacks in general.  While running against Barack Obama in the 2008 Democrat primaries, Biden described Obama as 'clean', as if surprised that Obama showered, bathed and dressed well.  Biden has also made derogatory comments about other ethnicities, such as those from India working at convenience stores.

Joe Biden is facing many problems.  His sexual conduct of the past is being questioned by some.  His son, Hunter Biden, may now be facing a Senate hearing concerning Hunter's involvement with the corrupt Ukrainian oil company, Burisma.  There are also a growing number of people questioning Biden's mental faculties.  Especially since the Coronavirus pandemic has forced Biden to campaign remotely from his home's basement, Joe has been making more and more gaffes.  He had been making plenty before COVID-19.  Some of his ZOOM video appearances make Biden look like a hostage, handcuffed to a radiator in his basement.  Even if you do not share Greg Gutfeld's view, you have to admit that Biden looks very lost in his own world.  Today, his world may have gotten much smaller.

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