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Ben & Jerry's Farmers Protest for Better Pay, Conditions

This one makes me chuckle! Farm workers and Far-Left activists marched against Ben & Jerry′s Ice Cream company for more money and better working conditions. Since the founding of the Vermont-based company, Ben & Jerry′s have been very public about their social consciousness. They brag about how much of their profits goes to Liberal causes and charities. How they are leaders in the Progressive movement. Yet, as it turns out, they are no better than anybody else. Ha-Ha-Ha!




According to those protesting, Ben & Jerry′s had agreed to be part of a truly Lefty-type program with a Lefty-sounding name, ″Milk With Dignity″. However, after some two years of negotiating, there is no dignity yet! The company buys much of their ingredients through the ″Fairtrade″ program, and international effort to promote higher wages, improved working conditions and even ′sustainability′ of product. But the primary ingredient, milk, comes mostly from Vermont dairy farms. Roughly 85% of all milk used is purchased from about 80 local suppliers. Many of these farmers participate in the company′s ″Caring Dairy″ program, which pays them extra money for practicing sustainability and other ′Politically Correct′ practices.


In 2014, the Vermont group Migrant Justice came up with ′Milk With Dignity′ for improving the working conditions, income and housing for farm workers. Despite Ben & Jerry′s agreeing to join the program in 2015, nothing has been done yet. The company claims that they only received the terms and guidelines in the past year and are negotiating them. You would think that the socially conscious company would just accept whatever the terms were immediately. How could the owners and managers sleep at night knowing that farm workers providing them with the milk they need are suffering?


Perhaps the Hollywood Elites should step in and begin boycotts of Ben & Jerry′s ice cream until the company honors their promises? Who cares if ′Milk With Dignity′ causes the price of the ice cream to double, or even triple? Its the socially responsible thing to do, isn′t it?


This is why I chuckle at this story. I always like these news items which expose the sanctimonious bozos of the Far-Left when they don′t do as they preach. Much like when Liberal news networks, the Obama White House, or Hillary Clinton′s campaign where female workers are paid less than men are doing the same jobs. Even though all of them push publicly for ′Equal Pay′ laws, the hypocrites of the Far-Left are usually the last ones to practice what they demand others do.


So stop buying ′Cherry Garcia′ and ′Chunk Monkey′ (which is probably racist, anyway). Boycott Ben & Jerry′s until they agree to accept all of the terms and conditions of ′Milk With Dignity′ from Migrant Justice. Who cares if they go bankrupt? No skin off my nose. I certainly do not buy their product. I wouldn′t give them one penny of my money so they could redistribute it to Far-Left dummies. Ben & Jerry′s is in a trap of their own making. If they get stuck in it and suffer the consequences, then so be it. Ludwig von Mises would agree with me!


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