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AP Reports, Wisconsin Election Not Hacked By Russia

The conspiracy theorists over at CNN and MSNBC, like Rachel Maddow, must be having a cow right about now! Last week, they and the rest of the Fake News Media went ′Ga-Ga′ over a story which claimed that some 21 states, including Wisconsin, had their election systems hacked by Russia. The story stemmed from a report from the Department of Homeland Security. However, the Associated Press is now reporting that the Wisconsin state election officials are saying that they were not hacked. Oh-Oh! Somebody has egg on their face now!




To begin with, the alleged hack by Russia on state election systems was essentially just a ′scan′ of voter registration rolls according to the original DHS report. This alleged scan had nothing to do with actual voting nor did it effect election results, even if it had happened. According to the statement issued by the Wisconsin State election officials, the IP address of involved in this alleged scan was not the state′s election commission, but that of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. In other words, even if the Russians were behind this alleged scan, it had nothing to do with even just voter registration rolls.


So, I have to wonder now if any of the voter registration rolls of these other 20 states were actually ′scanned′ by Russia? Is this a case of much ado about nothing, as we have seen in every other story about Russia trying to interfere with our elections? Is this yet another attempt by ′Deep State′ operatives, loyal to Obama, Hillary and the Democrats, simply trying again to make the 2016 election seem illegitimate?


About the biggest news which has come out of this whole Russia investigation in the past week or two is that Jared Kushner apparently accidentally checked the Female box for gender when he registered to vote in 2009. Beyond that, there is still not one shred of evidence that there had been any sort of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. Those in the Fake News Media are still trying to keep this myth alive, as well as numbskull members of Congress sitting on investigation committees. Like they don′t have anything better to do with their time, like repeal and replace Obamacare or work on tax reform.


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