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Anthony Scaramucci In, Sean Spicer Resigns

Anthony Scaramucci has been named the new White House Communications Director, replacing Sean Spicer who was handling the job temporarily. Originally hired as White House Press Secretary, Spicer did double-duty during the early days of the Trump administration until Mike Dubke was hired in March as Communications Director. Dubke left in early June, putting Spicer back in the dual-role position. This is when we began seeing more of Assistant Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders doing daily briefings at the White House. Scaramucci was originally hired to head the U.S. Import-Export Bank, based on his background in finance as founder and CEO of Skybridge Capital, which he sold in January to join the Trump administration.




After the initial acknowledgment of these personnel changes, such as Sarah Huckabee Sanders being promoted to White House Press Secretary, the Fake News Media into into full swing. Immediately, CNN and MSNBC began reporting how there had been turmoil in the White House. That Steve Bannon and Rience Preibus opposed Scaramucci′s new position. That Sean Spicer resigned because he refuses to work under him. Of course, this was all proven to be false, as usual.


During interviews with Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel, both Spicer and Preibus told their side of the story. Preibus has had a long relationship with Scaramucci and respects him. They′ve worked well together before, and Scaramucci even offered him a job at Skybridge after the 2012 Romney campaign. Spicer was leaving more so for personal reasons and to give Scaramucci a ′clean slate′ to reorganize the communications team. Spicer had been working some very long hours, sometimes 18 hours a day. He has a wife and young children whom have had to suffer from his absence. Unlike others inside The Beltway, Spicer cares about his family and wants to spend more time with them.


Scaramucci has been friends with President Donald Trump for many years. They are peers, both successful, New York businessmen. They understand each other quite well. Scaramucci is also familiar with Steve Bannon, as both worked at Goldman Sachs. While they may not have been chums, here again, they understand how each other thinks. They also share the desire to fulfill the Trump Agenda, which is the main point.


During both the White House daily press briefing on Friday, and a follow-up interview on the Brietbart News Sirius XM radio program, Scaramucci laid out the objective of promoting the Trump Agenda. So he is on the exact same page as Steve Bannon. So, too, with President Trump. Scaramucci had been a supporter of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker early in 2016 primary season. It was during this period where he made some critical statements about Trump. After Walker dropped out, Scaramucci briefly flirted with Jeb Bush. But, after attending a Trump rally in person, Scaramucci was converted in the Apostle Anthony, enlightened to the reality that Donald Trump was the candidate to support.


Since his conversion, Scaramucci has worked hard during the campaign and during the transition. As a businessman, he wants to deliver on the campaign promises made by Trump. He believes that the Trump Agenda is good for America. He wants to do whatever he can to see it become implemented. What more we can possibly ask for of him? Does Scaramucci have to have a Beltway membership card which needs to be punched before taken seriously? Before accepted? No! Of course not!


If he had to prove anything, Scaramucci already did so when he fought back at some Fake News put out by CNN, resulting in 3 reporters being fired and CNN issuing a public apology. After that, President Donald Trump saw that Anthony Scaramucci was the same sort of scrappy fighter as he was, and wanted him to take charge on communicating his agenda. This is why the change happened so quickly. Businessmen do not wait for focus groups or opinion polls to make decisions. Successful businessmen are successful because they have the internal savvy to recognize a good thing when they see it in action. I liked Sean Spicer and wish him and his family well. But, I think that Anthony Scaramucci will bring to the table an improved level of offensive action for the White House Communication team.


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