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Anthony Scaramucci and the Icarus Factor

If you are under 40, let alone under 50, the odds are that you probably have little, if any, knowledge of classical literature. So the analogy of Anthony ′The Mooch′ Scaramucci flying too close to the Sun as Icarus did will most likely be lost on you. Of course, if you are under 40, you probably do not even know who Anthony Scaramucci is! For your information, he was the White House Communications Director fired by the new White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, yesterday. Scaramucci held his job for a mere 10 days, or was it 11? Not that one day this way or the other matters much. ′The Mooch′ screwed up and paid the price.




Now, I liked Scaramucci. He was an outsider, to a degree, having never run for political office himself. However, he had been involved in politics, having been a donor to many candidates, mostly Republicans. He worked closely with Reince Priebus back during the Mitt Romney campaign in 2012. So his addition to the Trump administration seemed like a natural fit. Scaramucci was scrappy and appeared dedicated to helping President Donald Trump execute his agenda. He was granted direct access to ′The Boss′ and began shaking things up immediately in pursuit of White House leakers.


After scoring some three people to resign, including his ′brother-of-another′, Reince Priebus, Scaramucci was poised to collect more scalps, perhaps most of the staff. But then he fouled up calling on an old pal of his from The New Yorker Magazine and vented in what he thought would be some ′off-the-record′ remarks. ′The Mooch′ blasted Priebus and Steve Bannon, using some colorful and harsh language. Naturally, the story was published by The New Yorker just as Priebus resigned and retired Marine Corps General John Kelly got the job as the new Chief of Staff.


Anthony Scaramucci issued a statement saying that he was leaving the White House to give Kelly a ′clear slate′, much as Sean Spicer said of ′The Mooch′ when Spicer resigned. Having a stunning career in the Marines, earning his 4 stars, then doing a superb job as Secretary of Homeland Security, Kelly would bring some serious discipline to the White House. As Chief of Staff, his primary job is to be the ′gatekeeper′ for President Donald Trump. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, gets access to The Boss without Kelly′s approval. Not Anthony Scaramucci, nor even Ivanka and Jared Kushner. Kelly is going to run a tight ship, if he will excuse my use of a naval analogy.


President Trump, having attended a military academy himself when his father decided that he needed some discipline, is rather fond of his generals. As you may recall, he often remarked on generals like George Patton and Douglass MacArthur during the campaign in his speeches. While he may not have actually served in the military, Donald Trump went through much of the same hazing and character building at the New York Military Academy as he would have elsewhere. It may have been a glorified high school, but it was tough and forged Trump into a hard hunk of steel.


Between that and the hardcore Protestantism pounded into him at church every Sunday, President Donald Trump has many traits which are shared by our top generals and admirals. This is why he succeeded in the Manhattan real estate game, and the 2016 election, when the odds were stacked against him. Anthony Scaramucci also came up the hard way to succeed in life. His short tenure at the White House was certainly ′high energy′, something President Trump appreciates. But, like Icarus, ′The Mooch′ flew too close to our Sun King. His wax wings melted and Scaramucci fell fast. As they said in the movie, ″The Blue Max″, John Kelly has a ′confirmed kill′ as Scaramucci plummets back to the Earth. If you are going to tangle with a Marine, you better bring a howitzer!


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