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Angry Joe Biden Wins Michigan

Angry Joe Biden had a good evening last night.  He appears to have won 4 of the 6 election contests yesterday, including the 2020 Michigan primary.  Results are still coming in, but Bernie Sanders seems to have only won the North Dakota caucus and has a razor thin lead in Washington State.  While '7 Minute' Biden had a good night, he had a bad day Tuesday in Michigan.  While touring an auto factory, Biden exploded into a profane rage when questioned by an auto worker about the Second Amendment.  When a young Black woman staffer to Biden tried to intervene, Biden rudely dismissed her, saying, "Hush, Hush!"  Clearly a sign of racism and misogyny.  


Joe Biden's gaffes and angry outbursts have led to his staff limiting Sleepy Joe to 7 minute stump speeches.  Barely enough time for him to thank the typically small crowds for coming out to see him.  Over the weekend, they started keeping him to just 15 minute speeches.  But even those proved difficult to be delivered gaffe-free.  Biden is showing many signs of dementia.  Confusion over where he is, what day it is, or even what he is doing.  On Saturday while campaigning in Missouri, Biden actually seemed to be advocating reelecting President Donald Trump.  

His angry outbursts are another concern.  Several times in the past 3 months, Biden picked fights with voters.  Sometimes even poking them in a violent manner.  He has also been insulting voters at his rallies.  Biden called one young woman a, "lying dog-faced pony soldier".  At another rally, Biden exchanged insults with an elderly man, calling him a liar and even challenging him to a push-up contest.

The DNC Establishment is getting behind the Biden campaign, with endorsements coming almost daily.  But there is also 'chatter' about the need for Biden to pick a Vice Presidential running mate soon, to assure voters that somebody will run the nation with a clear, rational mind.  If elected, Biden will take office at the age of 78, the oldest for any president in history.  With signs of dementia already apparent, some question just how long Biden could occupy the White House before needing to be replaced.  

The DNC and their allies in The Media have led America to this circumstance.  For more than 3 years, they have been pushing removing Donald Trump from the White House.  But they have not worked very hard on developing a replacement.  Nor n developing a political platform which would 'sell' in the November, general election.  Despite some 26 candidates who started out to run for the White House, none of them have achieved a rational platform.  Democrats have allowed the extreme elements run their party, pushing Socialism, nationalized healthcare and stringent climate change issues.  They do not even recognize the improved economy.

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