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Andrew McCabe, Acting FBI Boss, Under Investigation

Seems we need a score card to keep track of who is being investigated in Washington these days. Bernie Sanders wife for alleged bank fraud, Michael Flynn for alleged something (the goal posts keep moving on this one), Loretta Lynch for alleged obstruction of justice, Bill and Hillary Clinton for numerous allegations. Now we add Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe for alleged violation of the Hatch Act. Oh-Oh!




Once again, REAL Reporters, John Solomon and Sara Carter have published an article at about McCabe possibly being in some hot water. It may even go beyond just the Hatch Act. Which, by the way, has to deal with engaging in political campaigns while on the job in a federal office. Remember how his wife ran for a Virginia state senate seat? Seems that there are some photos of Andrew McCabe allegedly wearing campaign buttons and even a campaign t-shirt during the course of his official duties at the FBI. There are some other alleged activities also involved which I won′t go into.


But Solomon and Carter have found an rather interesting coincidence which may add to the probe on McCabe. According to their article, McCabe was one of several FBI officials named in a complaint filed against them by former counter-terrorism agent, Robyn Gritz. The interesting coincidence in this particular complaint, dealing with sexual discrimination and retaliation, is that one of the people who was prepared to testify on behalf of Gritz is none other than former NSA Director, Michael Flynn. The same General Flynn at the center of the alleged Trump-Russian collusion probe.


Solomon and Carter beg the obvious question, is the seemingly flimsy allegations against Michael Flynn on colluding with Russian intelligence agents a form of retaliation from Andrew McCabe, who is overseeing that probe? It certainly begs the question of whether or not McCabe should have recused himself from having any authority in that ′matter′?


We appear to be in a situation where the Washington DC Swamp is so stinky and murky that finding anyone who is truly objective to be in charge of any investigation is nearly impossible. Robert Mueller, who has close ties to James Comey, has been busy hiring lawyers with direct connections to Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as financial connections to Barack Obama. Not exactly neutrals when it comes to the ′matter′ of investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence agents.


McCabe is at the center of much of these ongoing investigations since he is the acting head of the FBI, whom along with the Justice Department, are doing the investigating on nearly every on-going probe. Not to mention probes from the past, like those on the Hillary Clinton private email server and the activities of the Clinton Foundation. McCabe did not recuse himself from those two older probes, despite having had financial ties with people who have financial and political ties with Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Given that there are some 4,000 to 5,000 federal jobs which routinely get flipped whenever there is a new administration, the Trump White House really needs to pick up the pace in replacing the old, deadwood with some fresh faces. After that, in my humble opinion, President Donald Trump should sack the entire federal government, including canceling all contractors and subcontractors and start from scratch. That is the only, real way to ′Drain The Swamp′. Don′t forget to pull all of the fired employees′ security and classified access, too! All of the leaking and conflicts of interest would disappear.


′Draining The Swamp′ is, by itself, a massive undertaking. President Trump already has in the pipeline the core of his agenda plans, such as healthcare, tax reform, infrastructure, border security. Along with everything else he has done, like disposing of screwball regulations, fixing the Veterans Administration and filling a Supreme Court seat, President Trump could easily spend the rest of his 4, even 8 years, just Draining The Swamp. The impact of such an overhaul on our nation would be stunning!


Its not like it will be hard not to find plenty of qualified replacements. Just the pool of military veterans alone should work out nicely in replacing a million or so federal employees. This is exactly why we elected Donald J. Trump to be our 45th President of the United States! To clean house! To transform our government into an efficient, honest and economical organization which will serve and earn back their trust of the American citizens. Not much is talked about this as The Media spreads its Fake News on silly, non-issues. The American people want the government to function rationally and serve their interests, not some bunch of Beltway Elitists and their comrades on Wall Street, K Street and in Hollywood.


Right now, it seems that half of the government is investigating the other half, which is leaking and investigating the first half. Meanwhile, real, genuine, serious issues are being left to fester and grow worse. America is deep in debt, waste and fraud. The government does more harm than good and simply cannot be trusted. With President Donald Trump, we have an opportunity to change all of that! The Swamp is deep and murky and needs draining badly, otherwise, the whole country will sink in it.


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