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Tulsi Sues Hillary $50M

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, suing Hillary for $50 Million dollars.  Gabbard claims that Hillary defamed her when Hillary appeared on a podcast on October 17, hinting that Gabbard and Jill Stein were being groomed by the Russian government.  Hillary did not name Gabbard at first, though she did allude to her, while naming Jill Stein explicitly.  Gabbard believes that Hillary Clinton accused her of being a Russian agent and a traitor at worst.  At best, merely a stooge which Russia is using to stir up trouble.  Hillary thinks that Stein, and allegedly Gabbard, are both being groomed tobecome 3rd Party candidates.  Some of this goes back to 2016.  Gabbard was one of the few elected Democrats who endorsed Bernie Sanders over Hillary.  As for Jill Stein, Hillary considers Stein as one of the 50 or so reasons why Trump defeated her.  Stein was the Green Party presidential candidate and in some battleground states, got enough votes which, had they went for Hillary, would have put Hilldog in the White House.


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Impeachment Trial To Begin

Today, the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America, begins on the Senate floor.  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will first present the rules to manage how the trial will unfold.  These rules are nearly identitical to those used in the impeachment trial of then President William Jefferson Clinton.  Even Trump-hater, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), agrees with that!  So, the odds are that McConnell's set of rules will pass a Senate floor vote.  The rules will give House managers prosecuting President Trump 24 hours to present their case starting at 1pm Eastern on Wednesday.  This upsets Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), because it means that much of the 'evidence' will take place at night, unseen by most Americans.  Of course, the so-called 'evidence' consists entirely of hearsay and personal opinion.  There is no actual physical evidence, no 'smoking gun', that any crime was committed.



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Impeachment Moves To Senate

The articles of impeachment finally moved to the U.S. Senate yesterday.  First, Nancy Pelosi held an 'engrossment ceremony', where she signed the documents which were to be carried across the Rotunda.  A gaggle of House Democrat committee leaders attended, each getting a custom pen with Pelosi's name on it.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accepted the paperwork and informed the Senate floor as to what lies ahead.  Today, around noon, the House Democrats named as prosecutors for the trial will visit the Senate.  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, will also visit to be sworn in as the presiding judge for the impeachment trial.  He will then take the Senate chair and swear in all 100 senators to be jurors.  The trial will officially begin next Tuesday.

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Pelosi Disproportionate Stupidity

I accuse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of disproportionate stupidity!  While it is true that nearly all Democrats are stupid, Nancy Pelosi is far more stupid than her peers.  This is unfair!  She should really try harder to be intelligent once in a while to allow her fellow Liberals to be as stupid as she is.  There are several reasons why Nancy Pelosi has been acting more stupid than usual in just the past week.  Her holding the articles of impeachment is an ongoing example.  Obviously, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not going to knuckle under to Pelosi and give her any power over the U.S. Senate.  Just today, Pelosi did two stupid things.  First, she called President Trump's use of a drone strike killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani a "disproportionate response".  Really?  So one Hellfire missile equals years of terrorism and bloody murder?  The second act of stupidity committed by Nancy Pelosi today is the House resolution to curb Trump's war powers.  The vote is nonbinding, which means it is nothing.  Another waste of time.


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The Great Wine Cave Debate

The Democrat Presidential debate on PBS last night boiled down to a debate about wine caves.  Elizabeth Warren tried to tag Pete Buttigieg as a sell-out for hosting a fund raiser for billionaires at a wine cave.  Hashtags like #peteswinecave or #winecavepete trended on social media.  Wine Cave Pete tried to bumble his way out  by accusing the rest of the candidate field as a bunch of millionaires.  As usual amongst Left-Wing Democrats, it came down to an argument over the evils of success.  Of course, when it comes to millionaire politicians, it is usually a question of graft and corruption. Buttigieg may not be as rich as Liz Warren simply because he has not been in politics for as long as Warren.  His snout has not had as much time in the public trough.

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House Dems Impeach Trump

As expected, House Democrats voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump.  Both articles, on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, passed easily.  All Republicans voted no, along with 2 Democrats on the abuse of power article, and 3 for the other.  Presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, voted present on both measures.  She posted a video statement denouncing the partisan vote.  I couldn't watch the debate.  At least the Democrat side of it.  They continued their drumbeat of lies.  House Democrats continued telling lies after the votes, too.  Now there is talk of holding back sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate.  The Democrats know that the Senate will acquit President Trump.  So, in their twisted logic, Democrats think that by not sending the impeachment to the Senate, they can harm Trump's chances in 2020.

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House Committee Votes For Impeachment

House Democrats have delayed the impeachment vote in the House Judiciary Committee until this morning at 10am Eastern.  The vote was supposed to be held yesterday around 5pm Eastern after concluding debate on the markup articles for impeachment.  However, the session went so bad yesterday that Chairman Jerrold Nadler allowed debate to continue until 11pm, and then announced that the vote would not happen till this morning.  This caused yet another uproar by Republican members of the committee.  Most of the day was just both sides repeating the same things they have been saying for days.  Nadler said that the delay was so members could pray and decide how to vote.  But the real reason was to get a larger TV audience.  When the vote finally came, it was down party lines with Democrats passing the impeachment articles with no Republican support, 23-17.  The action now moves to the House of Representatives, where a vote is expected next week.


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Democrats Mark Up Articles Of Impeachment

House Democrats began to markup articles of impeachment last night.  The House Judiciary Committee will convene again this morning to complete their madness, which will finish next week with a vote on the House Floor.  As we all know, once the impeachment is handed off to the U.S. Senate, this idiocy will end.  There is no way that 67 senators will vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump.  Especially considering the flimsy charges House Democrats are alleging.  So what is the point of all of this?  Simple, to allow for TV ads next year by Democrats to say that Trump was impeached.  President Trump broke no federal laws, nor did he exceed his Constitutional powers.  In fact, he was in compliance with existing laws, requiring that foreign aid be withheld to countries that may be corrupt,  Some $400 million dollars in military aid were delayed until the Trump administration was satisfied that the new Ukraine president was getting rid of its bad apples.


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Joe Biden Angry In Iowa

Joe Biden lost his cool in Iowa.  During a town hall event, Biden got angry at an Iowa voter, calling him a, "damn liar".  The man in question had asked Joe about his son Hunter Biden getting a cushy job in Ukraine.  Joe not only verbally attacked the man for repeating this truth, but even called the voter fat!  He then challenged the voter to a push-up contest.  Biden has been getting weird now that he is back in the public light.  Joe lost his cool recently when a reporter asked the Democrat presidential candidate about Hunter's paternity lawsuit in Arkansas.  Some old video has popped up where Joe Biden talks lovingly about how the hairs on his legs turn blonde thanks to the Sun.  He went on to say how wonderful it was when young children would stroke his Sun-bleached leg hair and how much he likes young children jumping on his lap.  EWWW!

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Congressional Abuse Of Power

Nancy Pelosi has declared that there will be an impeachment vote against President Donald Trump.  House Democrats seem to be focusing on abuse of power charges after yesterday's hearings in the House Judiciary Committee.  While all four legal experts were Democrats, three have a history of wanting Trump impeached long before any phone calls to Ukraine.  The fourth expert, Jonathan Turley, was the only witness who displayed any rational thinking.  He warned that what House Democrats are doing, proceeding with no fact-based witnesses or physical evidence at break-neck speed, Congress would be the ones abusing their power.  A big sign of this is Adam Schiff using his subpoena power to obtain the phone records of journalist John Soloman and Rep. Devin Nunes.  Something Senator Rand Paul intends to question Schiff about once the impeachment circus rolls inside the Senate.

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Sham Impeachment Hearings, Round 2

Round 2 of the sham impeachment hearings begin today.  The scene shifts to the House Judiciary Committee under Rep. Jerry Nadler.  At 10am Eastern, the circus begins with testimony from 4 legal experts.  All 4 are Democrats.  Three of them have already publicly stated that they believe President Trump has committed impeachable offenses.  The only expert allowed to be selected by Republicands, Jonathan Turley, has stated otherwise.  Yesterday, the lying maniac, Adam Schiff, released his majority report from the hearings held by the so-called House Intelligence Committee.  Later, in a closed door session, they voted along party lines to forward the impeachment process to Nadler's hands.  Meanwhile, it is becoming clearer that plans to have a final House vote before the Christmas holiday break are fading fast.  This practically guarantees that the Senate will take up the matter just as the presidential primary season begins.  Half of the top 4 Democrats running are senators, putting Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in a position where they may miss campaigning at a crucial phase.

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Bloomberg, A Fool And His Money

Michael Bloomberg officially launched his entry into the 2020 Democratic Party primary.  He is starting off with setting a record buy for television ads.  The new record is now $31 Million dollars and change.  Plus, he is getting help from his own media empire, as Bloomberg News will not investigate Little Mike, members of his family, nor even his fellow Democrat opponents.  President Trump is still fair game for fake news.  Bloomberg is skipping the first four primary states, focusing attention on the 16-state Super Tuesdays later in the calendar,  This strategy, indeed, his whole campaign, is probably destined for failure on a grand scale.  

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Vindman Testimony Falls Short

If Adam 'Shifty' Schiff thought that the Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman testimony would provide solid evidence for impeaching President Donald Trump, Schiff was sadly mistaken.  Vindman's testimony fell extremely short of being useful.  Four people testified yesterday, two in the morning, Vindman and Pence aide Jennifer Williams, and two in the afternoon, Special Ukraine Envoy Ambassador Curt Volker and Vindman's NSC supervisor, Tim Morrison.  If you listened to Vindman, he gave the impression that he and he alone was the primary advisor from the National Security Council on Ukraine matters to President Trump.  However, Vindman never once met with President Trump and it would appear that Vindman's memos about Ukraine were largely ignored.  Vindman, an Army officer, was assigned to serve on the NSC because Vindman was born in Ukraine and could speak the language.  One has to wonder whether his personal interests are coloring his duties?

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Same Schiff, Different Day

Adam Schiff will be banging his gavel again today in the sham Trump impeachment hearing.  Today's witness is former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Maria Yovanovitch.  She claims that she was fired unfairly by President Trump after his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, "threw hand grenades", besmirching her.  Keep in mind that she was appointed as ambassador by Barack Hussein Obama, and Trump has every right to replace her, for any reason he wants.  Typically, when a new administration takes office, most, if not all ambassadors are replaced.  That she lingered on for as long as she did is more due to the U.S. Senate dragging its feet dealing with other personnel changes.  Yovanovitch publicly supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and Ukraine's early criticism of Trump may have been requested by her.  As reported by John Solomon of The Hill, hardly a right-wing publication, Ukraine did act against the Trump campaign in 2016.  It was their release of financial data on Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, which caused him to resign and led to criminal charges made against him.

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Public Impeachment Hearings Begin Today

In a not so distant swamp land, called Washington DC, there was a guy named Trump, not too different from you or me.  He worked as our nation's president, the latest White House resident.  He did a good job making America great, which made Democrats and Media full of hate.  They made up crazy fake news, all full of lies.  They repeat them 24/7 to confuse our minds.  Now keep in mind Trump can't control when the witch hunt begins or ends.  So he needs some special help from his right-wing friends.  Trump friend roll-call, Ingraham (Hi Guys!), Hannity (I'm cool), Ru-uh-uh-uh-ush!  Don't worry about who Trump calls or tweets, or other silly facts.  Just repeat to yourself its the economy, sosit back and relax, for Trump reelection 2020!

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Whistleblower Lawyer Called For Coup

Talk about ambulance chasing!  How about a lawyer actively trying to prove a crime long before it allegedly happened?  Such is the case for Mark S. Zaid.  He is the lawyer for the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower.  Back in January, 2017, Zaid tweeted on Twitter that, "#coup has started."  He already was calling for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.  Add to this what we now know about the timeline on how this latest witch hunt began, the picture grows clearer that this is little more than a phony, highly partisan attack against the 2016 election results.  The Democrats have never accepted those results and their allies in The Media and the Deep State will do anything to overturn the election.

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One Year Till 2020 Vote

We are just one year away from November 6, 2020, our next national election day!  While generic, nationwide polls, promoted by The Media, show President Donald Trump being defeated by several of the Democrat candidates, polls of likely voters in key 'Battleground States' show our President easily beating all but one.  Joe Biden is up by an edge in one such poll and dead even in another.  This is problematic for Democrats, as Biden is polling badly in early caucus and primary states.  His campaign has also been having trouble raising money.  Biden has run twice before and both times got blown out early in the primary season.  The two candidates polling the best in early states are Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  Both have the cash and organization to survive the initial batch of primaries.  The problem for both, however, is that in the battleground polls, President Trump beats them.  


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Liz Warren 52 Trillion Dollar Lie

Senator Elizabeth Warren finally made her 'Medicare For All' plan public.  The cost is estimated at some $52 TRILLION dollars over its first 10 years.  That would average out to more the doubling the current federal budget, which is about $4.5 Trillion per year.  Warren claims that her plan will not cost the Middle Class a single extra penny.  However, her plan has at least three funding methods which would impact the Middle Class.  The most glaring example is an increase in payroll taxes, which effect all income earners.  In addition, there are fees on financial transactions, which would effect anyone with a 401K, possibly even anyone with a bank account, plus higher taxes on small businesses.  Most small business owners are Middle Class, earner usually between $35,000 to $80,000 per year.  Hardly rich by any standard.

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Democrat Impeachment Vote Halloween Trick

The House Democrats are playing a Halloween trick on the American people today.  They will be voting on the impeachment resolution, laying out the procedure for the inquiry.  Any hope that this inquiry would be a fair and objective one were dashed when the text of the resolution were made public late Tuesday.  While it does authorize the House Judiciary Committee to begin holding hearings, some in public, the resolution still allows Adam Schiff to hold his secret hearings in the House Intelligence Committee.  Also, House Republicans will be severely restricted in participating.  Any witnesses they want to subpoena must be approved of by  committee chairs, and any questions asked of any witnesses are subject to the whims of the two committee chairs.  Nagler and Schiff will also be able to limit questions posed to witnesses by President Trump's lawyers.  Nancy Pelosi is fooling the American people, tricking them into thinking that this inquiry is legitimate or honest.

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Pelosi Sets House Impeachment Vote

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a vote on Thursday in the House of Representatives on officially launching an impeachment inquiry.  If the vote passes, then the House Judiciary Committee will take over the investigation against President Donald Trump.  Furthermore, the vote would open the door to allowing House Republicans to have the same power as Democrats in issuing subpoenas and questioning witnesses.  Something that Pelosi and Adam Schiff have been trying to avoid.  An official inquiry would also allow President Trump to have his own lawyers involved in the process, as well. However, one should keep in mind that the vote would be politically motivated.  About 40 House Democrats are from Congressional districts which President Trump carried easily in 2016.  Since he took office, House Democrats have already had 3 votes on starting impeachment investigations, all of those failed.  The last was in July when the focus was on alleged obstruction of justice stemming from the so-called Mueller Report.  Those Democrats in Trump-won districts rejected the investigation.

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