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Biden - You Ain't Black

Joe Biden did it again!  Mr Gaffe was on the podcast, "The Breakfast Club", hosted by Charlemagne tha God this morning.  As the interview was wrapping up, Charlemagne said he still had many questions for Joe.  But Biden responded that if you still haven't chosen to vote for him over Trump, "then you ain't Black"!  This touched off a backlash from a number of Black business leaders, politicians and entertainers.  Robert Johnson, founder and CEO of the BET network, and even P Diddy, both took offense to Biden's remark. Michigan Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, war veteran John James, also issued a statement condemning Joe Biden.  Of course, James was on hand with President Trump at the tour of the Ford Motor factory yesterday.  Biden issued an apology and told a group of Black businessmen via telephone that he was, "too cavalier".  There has been a growing concern nationwide that Democrat candidates take the Black vote for granted.


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More Pelosi Lies

Nancy Pelosi made the rounds Sunday spewing more lies about her stand on the Coronavirus response.  She now is claiming that the Trump China travel ban did not go far enough.  That she wanted all travel stopped, including those flights which allowed thousands of American citizens to escape the infected areas like Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province.  Pelosi seems to have forgotten her early tweet on Twitter criticizing the travel ban and calling for a 'No Ban Act'.  Pelosi also was encouraging citizens in her district to gather in large crowds and party, celebrating the Chinese New Year.  She also has been busy taking credit for financial assistance to U.S. citizens while delaying that relief while she eats her gourmet ice cream.  


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Angry Joe Biden Wins Michigan

Angry Joe Biden had a good evening last night.  He appears to have won 4 of the 6 election contests yesterday, including the 2020 Michigan primary.  Results are still coming in, but Bernie Sanders seems to have only won the North Dakota caucus and has a razor thin lead in Washington State.  While '7 Minute' Biden had a good night, he had a bad day Tuesday in Michigan.  While touring an auto factory, Biden exploded into a profane rage when questioned by an auto worker about the Second Amendment.  When a young Black woman staffer to Biden tried to intervene, Biden rudely dismissed her, saying, "Hush, Hush!"  Clearly a sign of racism and misogyny.  


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Super Tuesday Results

The 2020 Super Tuesday election results are coming in and it looks good for Joe Biden.  He won at least 9 of the 14 state primaries. Bernie Sanders won 4 states and Maine is still too close to call.  Perhaps the big surprise of the night was Biden doing well enough to probably winning Texas and a majority of its 228 delegates.  Polls had Bernie out front by about 10 points before the weekend.  About 83% of the votes are tallied in Texas and Biden has a slim, 3.5 point lead.  Biden is ahead in Maine, but only by about 0.8%.  Barely half of the votes in California are counted and Bernie is up about 10 points over Biden.  The Golden State has 415 delegates, about 30% of all delegates up last night.  Liz Warren had a rough night, finishing 3rd or 4th in every state, including her home state of Massachusetts.  Mini Mike Bloomberg proved that money can't buy love.  After spending more than $600 Million dollars, he so far has only 50 delegates which he won last night.  


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Biden Wins SC, Steyer Quits

As expected, Joe Biden won the 2020 South Carolina primary.  The results gave Biden a clear win over Bernie Sanders, who finished second with about 19% of the vote, compared to Biden getting over 48%.  Tom Steyer finished 3rd with about 11%, not enough to earn any of the Palmetto State's 54 delegates.  Steyer spent some $7 Million dollars in South Carolina, more than the other ballot candidates combined.  The California Billionaire decided to drop out after the bad news.  South Carolina was Joe Biden's first primary win after 28 years and 3 tries to run for president.  It was his first finish better than 3rd place.  But victory may be short lived as Super Tuesday is just less than 72 hours away.  


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Chaos In SC Debate

There was more chaos as the Democrats held its 10th presidential debate in Charleston, South Carolina.  CBS News hosted this one and it became a brawl from the beginning.  While Mike Bloomberg was again hit hard, Bernie Sanders drew most of the fire. But his fellow candidates only dug themselves into deeper holes.  Joe Biden, for example, proclaimed that ever since Sanders voted in 2007 to exempt firearms companies from financial liabilities in gun violence cases, some 150 MILLION Americans have died from gun violence.  According to the CDC, the number is closer to 400,000.  Oddly enough, none of the CBS News moderators challenged Biden on the claim.  But they did not challenge anybody and lost total control of the debate.  


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Trump Rally Las Vegas

President Donald Trump held a rally in Las Vegas Friday.  He drew a huge crowd on the eve of the Nevada caucus.  It was a fun time as Trump was Trump, highlighting promises made, promises kept, and poking jibes at Democrats and the Fake News Media.  Trump also paid homage to the 40th anniversary of the 1980 'Miracle On Ice', honoring members of the U.S. Olympic men's hockey team.  Today is the anniversary of what many consider the greatest moment in American sports history, defeating the Russian hockey team.  Trump also brought some rally goers on stage, one fellow with a 'CNN Fake News' t-shirt and a couple whom had followed Trump from the rally the day before in Colorado Springs.  Nicknamed 'Wall Man' and 'MAGA Cowgirl', it turned out that they met in Colorado Springs.  Wall Man has been to some 80 Trump rallies since 2015!  Are Trump rallies now the place to make a love connection?  Who can say?


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Bloomberg Lays Debate Egg

Michael Bloomberg had a rough night at the 2020 Presidential debate in Las Vegas.  Elizabeth Warren scalped him with questions about female employees whom have accused Bloomberg of various hostile workplace matters.  How, according to stories from the Washington Post, the women were paid off and forced to sign NDA forms, Non-Disclosure Agreements.  But Warren was not alone as all of the other Democrat candidates on stage took swipes at Bloomberg.  There were some 45 attacks on Bloomberg, double those against the next most attacked, Bernie Sanders with 22.  After s[ending over $400 Million dollars, $300 Million just on TV ads, Bloomberg was flat and appeared ill prepared for his first debate.


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Escape From New Hampshire Primary

The 2020 New Hampshire primary results are in.  At least most of it.  With 87% of the vote counted, Democrats picked Bernie Sanders as their winner, though not by much.  In 2016, running against mainly just Hillary Clinton, Bernie won with 60% of the vote to Hillary's 38%. But against a wider field, The Bern only got just under 26%.  Pete Buttigieg follows close second with nearly 25%.  Amy Klobuchar finished with nearly 20%.  Elizabeth Warren had a rough night, winding up with less than 10% and Uncle Joe Biden got less than 9%.  Which may explain why Biden escaped from New Hampshire before high noon and flew down to South Carolina. He did not even stick around to thank his team in the Granite State.  Poor Joe.


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Iowa Caucus 2020 Results

The Iowa 2020 caucus results are in!  Well, some of them are.  As of 5pm Eastern, the Iowa Democratic Party has released some of the tallies from just 62.2% of over 1,700 precincts.  Pete Buttigieg leads the 2nd Round vote with about 27%, Bernie Sanders at 25%.  Elizabeth Warren follows with almost 19%, Joe Biden with more than 15%, and Amy Klobuchar with more than 12%.  After her, Andrew Yang only got 1% and the rest of the dummies less than 1%.  However, based on some analysis of the vote tallies in Iowa's 99 counties, Bernie Sanders appears to be the actual winner once all the votes are counted with probably 30% over Buttigieg getting maybe 25%.  Warren and Biden may be much closer, enough to switch place finishes.  Either way, the 2020 Iowa caucus has turned out to be an embarrassing disaster for Democrats.  Especially now as we learn that the brand new smart phone vote reporting app, from a company called Shadow, Inc., was created by two former Hillary Clinton data managers.  DUH!  Did anybody think that Hillary's IT staff was going to do a better job than running her private server that lost 33,000 emails?  I guess not!


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Senate Question Hokum

The Senate impeachment trial continued yesterday as the circus moved into the questioning phase.  Senators have 16 hours to submit written questions to either the House managers or Trump defense legal team.  The questions are passed to Chief Justice John Roberts, who reads them and then the group, or groups, are allowed 5 minutes to answer.  In cases where the questions are posed to both sides, each group gets two and a half minutes to give their responses.  Questions are given by alternating parties in the Senate, starting with Republicans, then followed by one from Democrat senators.  It became quite obvious that the first few dozen questions were planned, allowing for canned responses by the teams.  But there were some surprises, namely one when Senator Rand Paul attempted to expose the name of the so-called whistleblower.


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Tulsi Sues Hillary $50M

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, suing Hillary for $50 Million dollars.  Gabbard claims that Hillary defamed her when Hillary appeared on a podcast on October 17, hinting that Gabbard and Jill Stein were being groomed by the Russian government.  Hillary did not name Gabbard at first, though she did allude to her, while naming Jill Stein explicitly.  Gabbard believes that Hillary Clinton accused her of being a Russian agent and a traitor at worst.  At best, merely a stooge which Russia is using to stir up trouble.  Hillary thinks that Stein, and allegedly Gabbard, are both being groomed tobecome 3rd Party candidates.  Some of this goes back to 2016.  Gabbard was one of the few elected Democrats who endorsed Bernie Sanders over Hillary.  As for Jill Stein, Hillary considers Stein as one of the 50 or so reasons why Trump defeated her.  Stein was the Green Party presidential candidate and in some battleground states, got enough votes which, had they went for Hillary, would have put Hilldog in the White House.


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Impeachment Trial To Begin

Today, the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America, begins on the Senate floor.  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will first present the rules to manage how the trial will unfold.  These rules are nearly identitical to those used in the impeachment trial of then President William Jefferson Clinton.  Even Trump-hater, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), agrees with that!  So, the odds are that McConnell's set of rules will pass a Senate floor vote.  The rules will give House managers prosecuting President Trump 24 hours to present their case starting at 1pm Eastern on Wednesday.  This upsets Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), because it means that much of the 'evidence' will take place at night, unseen by most Americans.  Of course, the so-called 'evidence' consists entirely of hearsay and personal opinion.  There is no actual physical evidence, no 'smoking gun', that any crime was committed.



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Impeachment Moves To Senate

The articles of impeachment finally moved to the U.S. Senate yesterday.  First, Nancy Pelosi held an 'engrossment ceremony', where she signed the documents which were to be carried across the Rotunda.  A gaggle of House Democrat committee leaders attended, each getting a custom pen with Pelosi's name on it.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accepted the paperwork and informed the Senate floor as to what lies ahead.  Today, around noon, the House Democrats named as prosecutors for the trial will visit the Senate.  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, will also visit to be sworn in as the presiding judge for the impeachment trial.  He will then take the Senate chair and swear in all 100 senators to be jurors.  The trial will officially begin next Tuesday.

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Pelosi Disproportionate Stupidity

I accuse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of disproportionate stupidity!  While it is true that nearly all Democrats are stupid, Nancy Pelosi is far more stupid than her peers.  This is unfair!  She should really try harder to be intelligent once in a while to allow her fellow Liberals to be as stupid as she is.  There are several reasons why Nancy Pelosi has been acting more stupid than usual in just the past week.  Her holding the articles of impeachment is an ongoing example.  Obviously, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not going to knuckle under to Pelosi and give her any power over the U.S. Senate.  Just today, Pelosi did two stupid things.  First, she called President Trump's use of a drone strike killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani a "disproportionate response".  Really?  So one Hellfire missile equals years of terrorism and bloody murder?  The second act of stupidity committed by Nancy Pelosi today is the House resolution to curb Trump's war powers.  The vote is nonbinding, which means it is nothing.  Another waste of time.


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The Great Wine Cave Debate

The Democrat Presidential debate on PBS last night boiled down to a debate about wine caves.  Elizabeth Warren tried to tag Pete Buttigieg as a sell-out for hosting a fund raiser for billionaires at a wine cave.  Hashtags like #peteswinecave or #winecavepete trended on social media.  Wine Cave Pete tried to bumble his way out  by accusing the rest of the candidate field as a bunch of millionaires.  As usual amongst Left-Wing Democrats, it came down to an argument over the evils of success.  Of course, when it comes to millionaire politicians, it is usually a question of graft and corruption. Buttigieg may not be as rich as Liz Warren simply because he has not been in politics for as long as Warren.  His snout has not had as much time in the public trough.

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House Dems Impeach Trump

As expected, House Democrats voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump.  Both articles, on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, passed easily.  All Republicans voted no, along with 2 Democrats on the abuse of power article, and 3 for the other.  Presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, voted present on both measures.  She posted a video statement denouncing the partisan vote.  I couldn't watch the debate.  At least the Democrat side of it.  They continued their drumbeat of lies.  House Democrats continued telling lies after the votes, too.  Now there is talk of holding back sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate.  The Democrats know that the Senate will acquit President Trump.  So, in their twisted logic, Democrats think that by not sending the impeachment to the Senate, they can harm Trump's chances in 2020.

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House Committee Votes For Impeachment

House Democrats have delayed the impeachment vote in the House Judiciary Committee until this morning at 10am Eastern.  The vote was supposed to be held yesterday around 5pm Eastern after concluding debate on the markup articles for impeachment.  However, the session went so bad yesterday that Chairman Jerrold Nadler allowed debate to continue until 11pm, and then announced that the vote would not happen till this morning.  This caused yet another uproar by Republican members of the committee.  Most of the day was just both sides repeating the same things they have been saying for days.  Nadler said that the delay was so members could pray and decide how to vote.  But the real reason was to get a larger TV audience.  When the vote finally came, it was down party lines with Democrats passing the impeachment articles with no Republican support, 23-17.  The action now moves to the House of Representatives, where a vote is expected next week.


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Democrats Mark Up Articles Of Impeachment

House Democrats began to markup articles of impeachment last night.  The House Judiciary Committee will convene again this morning to complete their madness, which will finish next week with a vote on the House Floor.  As we all know, once the impeachment is handed off to the U.S. Senate, this idiocy will end.  There is no way that 67 senators will vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump.  Especially considering the flimsy charges House Democrats are alleging.  So what is the point of all of this?  Simple, to allow for TV ads next year by Democrats to say that Trump was impeached.  President Trump broke no federal laws, nor did he exceed his Constitutional powers.  In fact, he was in compliance with existing laws, requiring that foreign aid be withheld to countries that may be corrupt,  Some $400 million dollars in military aid were delayed until the Trump administration was satisfied that the new Ukraine president was getting rid of its bad apples.


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Joe Biden Angry In Iowa

Joe Biden lost his cool in Iowa.  During a town hall event, Biden got angry at an Iowa voter, calling him a, "damn liar".  The man in question had asked Joe about his son Hunter Biden getting a cushy job in Ukraine.  Joe not only verbally attacked the man for repeating this truth, but even called the voter fat!  He then challenged the voter to a push-up contest.  Biden has been getting weird now that he is back in the public light.  Joe lost his cool recently when a reporter asked the Democrat presidential candidate about Hunter's paternity lawsuit in Arkansas.  Some old video has popped up where Joe Biden talks lovingly about how the hairs on his legs turn blonde thanks to the Sun.  He went on to say how wonderful it was when young children would stroke his Sun-bleached leg hair and how much he likes young children jumping on his lap.  EWWW!

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