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Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucus

Senator Bernie Sanders wins the Nevada caucus.  And by a decisive margin, too!  With only about 50% of the votes tallied, Sanders leads the pack of Democrat presidential candidates.  So far, he has more than 47%, compared to 19% for Joe Biden, 15% for Pete Buttigieg, and 10% for Elizabeth Warren.  Sanders did well across the demographic board, earning nearly two-thirds of the youth vote, half of the 30-45 vote, 27% of Blacks and more than half of Hispanic voters.  Nevada was a good test state for Bernie Sanders due to its more diverse demographics.  Many pundits have complained that Iowa and New Hampshire were 'too White' to be an indicator of national trends.  With South Carolina just a week away and the March 3rd Super Tuesday contest after that, Bernie winning in Nevada may be enough to catapult him as being the undisputed front runner in the Democrat primaries.  The Sanders campaign may wind up with enough of a delegate lead to make him unstoppable.


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Bloomberg Insults Farmers

Last week, recordings of Mike Bloomberg insulting Blacks and Hispanics emerged.  Now, video of Bloomberg insulting farmers has popped up.  Who will Mini-Mike trash next?  Could this be why he is considering to team up with Hillary Clinton as his running mate?  So they can insult Americans together?  It would seem so.  Meanwhile, the Washington Post has dug up more stories about women Bloomberg insulted at his corporation.  Seems that Mini-Mike is not a fan of pregnancy.  Too many of his female workers are getting pregnant, taking time off from their jobs.  He is alleged to have told one such lady to kill her infant before it is born.  Bloomberg also doesn't think much of babies in general.  He allegedly said that babies only eat and poop and are of no value for anything else.  So, Bloomberg apparently hates Blacks, Hispanics, farmers, mothers and babies.  Oh, yes, he hates President Trump, too!


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Justice For Roger Stone

The Roger Stone sentencing injustice has unleashed yet another firestorm among Democrats and The Media.  Many are calling for Attorney General William Barr to resign or be impeached after 4 federal prosecutors resigned.  At issue are the sentencing guideline suggestions by the prosecutors to Judge Amy Berman Jackson.  The original prosecutors wanted the book thrown at Stone, 7 to 9 years, for his conviction.  AG Barr, some weeks ago, determined that this was far too much, given that Stone had a clean record and there are questions about his arrest and trial.  Barr told the prosecutors over a week ago to recommend a sentence of just 2 to 3 years.  Stone, 67, was caught up in the Mueller probe and the Russia witch hunt.  The arrest of Roger Stone was leaked to CNN, which showed up with cameras when federal agents raided Stone's home at 3am in the morning.


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Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier

Today is the New Hampshire primary.  The 2020 Democrat presidential race is gotten off to a bumpy start.  Last week during the Iowa caucus, a clear winner is still a question mark.  While Pete Buttigieg has been declared the winner, both his and runner-up Bernie Sanders campaigns have requested a recanvas of the results.  Irregularities have been found in some 145 precinct vote tallies.  In many cases, more people cast votes in the 2nd round of the caucus than in the 1st, which should be impossible as the doors were supposed to be locked.  Meanwhile, New Hampshire is proving to be rough going for Joe Biden. During an event, Biden called a 21-year old female student a, "lying dog-faced pony soldier".  Bizarre, eh?  Biden says he was just joking but the young woman isn't buying it.  


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New Way Forward Act

Thank goodness for Tucker Carlson!  The Fox News host informed his viewers last night of a crazy bill House Democrats are trying to pass.  Its called the New Way Forward Act, H.R.5383.  About 40 House Democrats have signed on to this mess.  The bill would essentially decriminalize illegal immigration and end the deportations of any immigrant who commits a serious felony offense.  That includes murder, rape, domestic violence and child molestation.  Worse yet, the bill would also require that the United States government, through U.S. taxpayers, return to America all previously deported criminals!  Liberals may try to argue that this only applies to those convicted illegal immigrants who have families inside the USA.  But, as we know, once the camel sticks his nose under the tent, the rest of the camel is not far behind.


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Trump Victory Lap

President Donald John Trump took a victory lap today, celebrating his acquittal by the Senate yesterday.  He started off with a 30-minute speech at the annual National Prayer Breakfast event, with arch enemy Crazy Nancy Pelosi sitting a few chairs away.  Trump took a shot at her, as well as one aimed at Mitt Romney.  Most of the speech remained on topic, protecting religious beliefs worldwide.  The audience didn't mind a bit of gloating, they knew he deserved some latitude.  Then the scene shifted to the White House East Room at noon.  With some pomp and ceremony, President Trump had a full 50-minute long gloat session.  After nearly 4 years of attacks and investigations, of lies and hatred, Trump certainly deserved a chance to spike the football.  


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Senate Acquits Trump

The United States Senate voted on both articles of impeachment today.  Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America, was acquitted by the Senate on both articles.  The Senate acquits trump by a vote of 52 to 48 on Article One, Abuse of Power, on Article Two, the Not Guilty verdict vote was 53 to 47.  Mitt Romney was the only Republican who voted guilty on the Article One vote.  After the vote, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell awarded Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts the Golden Gavel.  A momento usually given to new senators who preside in the Senate's President Chair for at least 100 hours. Other recognition was paid by both McConnell and Chucky Schumer to Senate staff, pages and Congressional police.  Thus, this exercise in anti-Trump hatred comes to an end, for the time being.  House Democrats are already plotting their next attack.


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Trump SOTU Speech 2020

President Donald J. Trump delivered the 2020 State of the Union speech last night.  He was inspirational, yet low-key by Trump standards.  The theme was the "Great American Comeback".  But not everyone in the chamber of the House of Representatives was happy that America is a stronger, wealthier, safer and more prosperous nation.  Democrats sat on their hands throughout much of the SOTU speech for 2020.  Nancy Pelosi even tore up the official copy of the SOTU, which, the Constitution requires the President to give Congress each year in writing which is then given to the National Archives for safe keeping.  At one point, House Democrat women, all dressed in white per the Suffragette Movement, collectively hissed at President Trump.  Democrats cheered at very little of the speech, even when Trump gave a young Black girl a scholarship to a private school.  Nor when a surviving member of the Tuskegee airmen got his brigadier general star while his grandson dreams of joining the newly created Space Force.  Nor would House Democrats applaud for the mother whose daughter was born prematurely after just 21 weeks and is now a healthy 2 year old.


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Rush Limbaugh Lung Cancer

Sad news, friends.  Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer.  El Rushbo made the announcement yesterday as he opened his radio broadcast.  He said that he was hesitant at first to make an announcement.  However, Limbaugh decided to share the news with his audience, given that he will be missing many days from his show as Rush undergoes treatment.  While the diagnosis is grim, if anyone can beat cancer, its Rush Limbaugh!  He made his deafness workable, amazing accomplishment for a radio talk show host.  I am certain that many of you will join me in offering our prayers and support to Rush Limbaugh and the whole EIB family during this new challenge.


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America Heartland Wins

Superbowl LIV is in the can and the result is that the American Heartland wins!  The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31 to 20.  The NFL 2020 season championship was all evened up at halftime, much like our American political system.  In the 3rd quarter, the 49ers pulled ahead by 10 points, blanking the Chiefs.  But, in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs returned the favor, shutting out the team from the capitol of Left-wing Loons.  Kansas City went on to score 3 touchdowns, adding 21 points and winning the game!  Could this be a sign of a parallel conclusion to this November's presidential election?


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No New Impeachment Trial Witnesses

There will be no new impeachment trial witnesses.  Senators voted 51 to 49, blocking any additional  witnesses or documents. Mitt Romney and Susan Collins were the only defectors from party-line voting.  Despite Democrats wanting to add testimony from John Bolton and Nick Mulvaney, Mitch McConnell was able to muster enough votes among Republican senators to block any additions to the House managers case.  Such may well have extended the impeachment trial for several months, perhaps the rest of the year.  Preventing the U.S. Senate from doing any other work.  The Trump legal defense team argued that House managers have already presented testimony from 17 witnesses and over 28,000 documents provided by the Executive branch.  That any other 'evidence' should have been compiled by the House of Representatives before sending articles of impeachment to the Senate, as per the Constitution.


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Media Meltdown As Impeachment Fails

The highly biased news media is having a meltdown as reality begins to return to Washington, DC.  The Senate impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America will most likely end today.  All signs now point to his acquittal.  Democrat House managers have failed miserably in their efforts.  Naturally, the Fake News Media are blaming Senate Republicans for being cowardly in allowing the 'Orange Monster' to continue his reign of alleged terror.  Nancy Pelosi is blaming his legal defense team, saying that they should all be disbarred.  That they have trashed the Constitution.  The TRUTH, however, is that it was Pelosi and her minions who tossed out all reason, common sense and Constitutional law.  As this boring and ridiculous exercise in bad politics comes to an end, even I am chuckling at their foolishness, despite the reality that so much time and money has been wasted.


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Trump Legal Defense Team Finishes

The legal defense team for President Donald Trump wrapped up their opening arguments yesterday on the Senate floor.  They only made 2 presentations, lasting about 2 hours on their third day.  Overall, they used about 11 of their 24 hours, half of what the House Democrat managers used.  Their essential arguments were that President Trump did nothing to warrant an impeachment and that the House managers failed to present any factual evidence of any crime, let alone one that meets the historical standard of a "high crime or misdemeanor".  While Majority Leader Mitch McConnell admitted to not having sufficient votes, yet, to block any additional witnesses or documents to be considered, there are signs that the trial could end as early as Friday.


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John Bolton Manuscript Nothing Burger

Will John Bolton be a witness in the Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump?  We may learn the answer to that question later this week.  The New York Times published a story the other day, claiming to have a leaked copy of a rough draft of the John Bolton manuscript.  Bolton has a 'tell-all' book due out in March.  Last month, a copy of the manuscript was submitted to the White House for review, a standard practice to prevent sensitive information on national security to be made paublic.  According to the NY Times article, Bolton allegedly claims that President Trump told him that there was a direct link between aid to Ukraine and political dirt on the Biden family.  However, the article did not have any actual quotes, nor any proof that the information is accurate.  Neither Bolton, his lawyer, nor his publisher verified the alleged passage in the manuscript.


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Trump Legal Team Takes Over

This morning, the legal team for President Donald John Trump took over center stage at the Senate impeachment trial.  Being a Saturday, the session was brief, lasting just over 2 hours.  Trump's defense lawyers opened with setting the stage for how they intend to rebut the endless droning we heard from the House managers for over 22 hours.  While some of the presentation was low key, wrapped in technicalities, it was effective and informative.  For example, we learned that the reason why the White House rejected any subpoenas from the House on Ukraine was because the House NEVER VOTED to allow for subpoenas during the first 71 days of their 78 day sham.  Even then, after they passed H.R. 660 guiding the House Judiciary Committee's hearings, Nancy Pelosi closed the hearings down after just two days of hearings.  


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Rudy Giuliani Podcast, High Noon For Biden

At noon today, Rudy Giuliani will launch a podcast, which, over the course of the next few weeks, will detail the true level of corruption of Joe Biden, his family, Ukraine and other nations.  Appearing on Fox & Friends this morning, Giuliani gave a short version of what we can expect.  Basically, according to Rudy, the whole Democrat impeachment of President Trump is a "projection" of actual corruption begun by Joe Biden amd the Obama administration.  How, in mid January, 2016, Obama's National Security team held a meeting.  Giuliani believes that the alleged whistleblower in the Trump impeachment may have been present.  During this meeting, Obama officials decided to ask the Ukraine government to dig up dirt on then candidate Donald Trump, his son, Don Jr., and on Paul Manafort.  Why ask Ukraine?  Because,according to Giuliani, there is a long connection of corruption between the Ukraine government and the Democrat Party.


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Day 1 Of Impeachment Trial

Day 1 of the impeachment trial ended Thursday at 2am, Eastern.  The 13-hour session was filled with Senate votes on amendments to the trial rules.  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did concede to some changes prior to the beginning of the session.  Instead of only giving each side 2 days to complete their 24 hours of argument,they now have 3 days.  McConnell also allowed for the paperwork from the House hearings to be admitted into the record without a reading.  Then Chuck Schumer began submitting amendments to be considered.  Both House managers and Trump's defense team argued on each.  Of the 11 amendments offered, 10 were tabled with strict, party-line votes of 53-47. Only one vote had a Republican defection, Susan Collins of Maine over allowing some briefs entered into the record.  So that one got voted down and tabled, 52-48.  At one point, about 1am Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts injected himself into the discourse, admonishing both the House managers and defense team for the rhetoric.  Things had gotten nasty as Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff accused Republican Senators of being part of a cover-up.  The leader of the Trump defense team, Whoite House legal counsel Pat Cipollone, called out Nadler by name for this.


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The purity tests of the Woke Generation has reached a boiling point.  We now have a war brewing between Liberal news media giants, MSNBC and CNN.  This was bound to happen.  Both play to the same audience, Far-Left conspiracy, Trump haters.  For most of the past 3 years, both have been anticipating the collapse of the Trump presidency.  First they pushed the Russian-collusion hoax, which failed miserably.  Now, both are pushing the Ukraine story, which is even flimsier.  This story got even more weak with the introduction of Lev Parnas.  A Ukrainian former associate of Rudy Giuliani, Parnas is currently out on bail facing federal charges of fraud, lying to investigators, and other crimes.  Yet, the Trump haters have trotted him out becuase Parnas claims to have evidence of the Trump White House trying to force the Ukrainian government to launch criminal investigations against the Biden family and their ties to the oil and natural gas company, Burisma.  As well as activitoes of a Ukrainian company, Cloud Strike, and the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign coordinating with the former Ukrainian administrationin 2016.


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Dutch Intelligence On Russian Hacking

A new story from the New York Times indicates that the FBI and DOJ are taking a closer look at James Comey for leaking documents.  The former head of the FBI was harshly criticized in the DOJ Inspector General report last year for several issues, including leaking his memos on private talks with President Trump.  Now, it seems that hackers working for Dutch intelligence picked up information on Russian hackers concerning the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.  One intercept appears to be an email between former DNC Chairwoman, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) with Leonard Bernardo of the George Soros funded Open Society Foundation.  The email allegedly shows Wasserman-Schultz assuring Bernardo that then Attorney General Loretta Lynch would never prosecute Hillary Clinton for using her private email server to send and receive classified material.  However, there is no confirmation that this communication is authentic.


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Media Ignores Iran Protests

The American news media is ignoring the latest Iran protests.  They have been ignoring plenty of news.  A new study of what the major broadcasters have been talking about on their evening news programs has been shocking.  Media networks ABC, CBS and NBC have recently aired some 890 minutes of news about the Congress trying to impeach President Donald Trump.  Under 200 minutes about the drone strike which killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.  Hardly any coverage on the protests following Iran's admission to shooting down a Ukrainian air liner.  Only 9 minutes of coverage about our splendid economy.  Media bias did cover demonstrations in Iran protesting the death of Soleimani.  But when the people of Iran got angry at their own government instead of America and Trump, the Fake News Media went silent.


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