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You-Tube Shooter Angry Over Funding

The You-Tube shooting suspect, Nasim Aghdam, was apparently angry at the company for them censoring her and ending payment from advertisers. She is not alone, many people whom have been posting videos on You-Tube have been cut off from funding. The 39-year old animal rights activist and vegan took this insult a bit too far, driving from her home in San Diego to the Bay area to strike back. Police had even been warned about her after she was found sleeping overnight in her car. Her father allegedly called them and reported that she was very upset with the Internet video giant.




Nasim Aghdam killed herself after shooting several You-Tube employees yesterday. She interrupted an outdoor lunch party and opened fire with a handgun. At least 3 people were shot with possibly a fourth injured during the mad rush to escape. You-Tube had recently changed its advertising policies, ending payments to many who posted content on their website. Her family members say that she was quite bitter about this, claiming that You-Tube was censoring her.


Initial reports following the shooting tried to paint this as a domestic violence incident, a murderous lover′s spat. I suppose that appeals to the romantic souls watching TV news. But, the only love here was that which Nasim Aghdam had for animals. She was quite appalled at the way animals are treated in our society, especially how they are eaten for food.


You-Tube is not alone in changing their policies to cut off funding for those posting content on the Internet. Their parent company, Google, also has played a major role in controlling where advertising dollars go. Likewise Facebook and other social media giants. Some might say that You-Tube got what they deserved. Just last week, the ′Ugly Memo′ written in 2016 by Facebook executive, Andrew Bosworth, implied that killings and other violence are acceptable so long as the company grows and profits. Most of those affected are typically people and groups with political agendas which conflict with those of the corporations. Some of the more recent videos posted by Nasim Aghdam were angry rants against You-Tube, including criticism for putting age restrictions on her work-out videos. Still, did such justify her going to the You-Tube headquarters in San Bruno and carrying out a shooting spree? I suppose one could say that′s California for ya!


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