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Wuhan Lab Patient Zero

There is a growing body of evidence, real facts, pointing towards the Coronavirus outbreak starting at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Two years ago, State Department officials were warning of the sloppy conditions at this research facility.  Several recent reports are providing more details on how the COVID-19 pandemic started.  If true, then it appears a female intern became infected while mishandling the contagion.  This strain of Coronavirus occurs naturally in the horseshoe bat.  The intern apparently infected her boyfriend, who then, in turn, infected other humans at a Wuhan wet market several miles away from the lab.  But the contagion didn't stop there.  A report from the British medical journal, "The Lancet", on January 24 described how about a third of COVID-19 cases in Wuhan had no connection to any wet market, where fresh meats were sold.  Other reports claim that while some varieties of bats were sold at the markets, none sold the horseshoe bat.  The nearest, wild colony of which lives more than 600 miles away.


The story emerging seems to be that the accidental release of the Coronavirus happened sometime in November of 2019.  As the disease spread amongst the residents of Wuhan, a city of some 11 million people, the Chinese government tried to cover up the epidemic.  They first sealed off military bases in the Wuhan area.  As conditions worsened, the government ordered early samples and data to be destroyed to conceal the lab accident from the rest of the world.  By late December, news was leaking out from various sources, such as doctors and journalists in Hubei Province, home for the city of Wuhan.  On December 31, the government of Taiwan had heard enough to officially warn the World Health Organization.

But the WHO did little to expose the threat.  They appear to have been working with the Chinese Communist Party in hiding what was going on.  On January 6, local travel from Wuhan and Hubei was stopped, but by this time, COVID-19 was already spreading throughout China.  Oddly enough, international travel from Wuhan was not restricted.  Both the Chinese government and the WHO were denying human-to-human transfer of COVID-19 up until January 21.  This ended when the first cases of COVID-19 began appearing in South Korea, Japan and the United States.  Even before this, the CDC in Atlanta sounded the alarm that travel to Wuhan should be avoided. In America, all flights from Hubei Province were restricted to 3 U.S. airports with extensive testing of passengers, including quarantining.  On January 31, all travel from China, South Korea and Japan was banned by the Trump administration.  

China continued to deflect and deny any connection between the COVID-19 outbreak with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  They even tried to blame America for the outbreak!  But there is no denying the fact that this strain of Coronavirus is unique to the horseshoe bat, a species only native to China.  Europe was slow in blocking travel from China.  Thus, the disease began spreading fast amongst its general populations.  In America, most early cases were from cruise ships which had visited the Far East.  Then, some isolated cases began appearing in California and Washington State.  Especially at a nursing home near Seattle.  The first domestic death in America due to COVID-19 occurred there.

China, and the WHO, hid the truth for weeks, allowing for this new, novel strain of Coronavirus to spread.  Nobody is accusing China of deliberately starting the pandemic.  But there is mounting evidence that they are responsible for covering up how it started and keeping quiet as it worked its way around the world.  The result is tens of thousands of deaths and a worldwide economic disaster.  

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