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Warren Drops Out

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the 2020 Democrat presidential race yesterday.  Unlike others who have suspended their campaign the last few days, Warren did not endorse anyone, yet.  Her decision to quit comes after a dismal showing on Super Tuesday.  While she did win about 60 delegates, Warren finished no better than 3rd in all the contests.  She even came in 3rd in her home state of Massachusetts.  Nor did she do well in her birth state of Oklahoma.  During her announcement, Warren was asked if she believed voters discriminated against her because she was a women.  However, in Massachusetts, it was Joe Biden who got the majority of the female vote.  So, if anyone was discriminating against Warren for being a woman, it was women themselves.


Elizabeth Warren served a useful purpose in helping Biden, even if it was not her intent to do so.  She made Mike Bloomberg, who quit on Wednesday, look extra bad during the two debates he attended.  On Super Tuesday, Warren took enough 'Progressive' votes away from Bernie Sanders to cost him several states.  Not that there was any guarantee her supporters would back Sanders, though their platforms are more similar than that of Biden's.  There was some bad blood between Warren and Sanders over an alleged comment Sanders is said to have made about how women could never be elected president.  A dust-up occurred during a debate before the first primaries.  A CNN hot microphone caught an exchange between the two candidates as the debate ended.  Warren accused Sanders of casting her as a liar and Sanders felt likewise.  

Warren, of course, has a history of being a liar.  She has lied about her ethnicity, her father, and about being sexually harassed by a college professor.  Warren has also lied about being fired as a teacher due to being pregnant.  Then comes the whole set of lies about her plans for healthcare and how to fund it.  Likewise about her plans to cancel all student loan debts.  So, Warren's ability to be truthful is a major problem.  A sign of this occurred when Warren hatched her 'Medicare For All' plan, and how she would fund it.  Before this, Warren ranked very well in all of the polling at the time.  After she made her plan public, and America saw the price tag, Warren began to sink in the polls.  We saw a similar effect when Kamala Harris touched the Medicare rail.  Sanders has been lucky in that he has skillfully avoided giving details about his healthcare plans.

So, what will Elizabeth Warren do now after dropping out of the 2020 Democrat presidential race?   Some speculate that she is waiting for a deal from Biden or Sanders before endorsing one.  Perhaps a VP position on the ticket?  Or some other high-level cabinet spot?  I think not.  Other than a few dozen delegates, Warren has little to offer in way of a benefit for a general election.  If anything, she would be a drag due to her string of life-long lies.  Even Tulsi Gabbard, the last woman in the race, would have no benefit from teaming up with Warren.  I suspect that Warren will be spending her time counting what remains of her $29 Million dollar war chest, to be used for her next Senate run.

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