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The purity tests of the Woke Generation has reached a boiling point.  We now have a war brewing between Liberal news media giants, MSNBC and CNN.  This was bound to happen.  Both play to the same audience, Far-Left conspiracy, Trump haters.  For most of the past 3 years, both have been anticipating the collapse of the Trump presidency.  First they pushed the Russian-collusion hoax, which failed miserably.  Now, both are pushing the Ukraine story, which is even flimsier.  This story got even more weak with the introduction of Lev Parnas.  A Ukrainian former associate of Rudy Giuliani, Parnas is currently out on bail facing federal charges of fraud, lying to investigators, and other crimes.  Yet, the Trump haters have trotted him out becuase Parnas claims to have evidence of the Trump White House trying to force the Ukrainian government to launch criminal investigations against the Biden family and their ties to the oil and natural gas company, Burisma.  As well as activitoes of a Ukrainian company, Cloud Strike, and the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign coordinating with the former Ukrainian administrationin 2016.


The competition between MSNBC and CNN got red hot, with both networks running with the Parnas allegations.  However, after several of his charges began being disproved, even statements from Ukraine's Foreign Minister about Parnas being a liar, CNN began to back off a bit.  Host Jake Tapper cautioned on air that Parnas may not be the 'Golden Bullet' the Trump haters are seeking.  This upset MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell.  Appearing on a podcast with former senator Al Franken, O'Donnell charged CNN as having one-third of their staff being Trump supporters.  WOW!  In Liberal La-La-Land, that is practically hgh treason!  Maybe Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff should start impeaching CNN, taking away their First Amendment rights?

O'Donnell went on to brag about how at MSNBC, they will not allow a single Trump supporter on their network!  Such a person must be a liar by their reckoning.  So the battlelines are drawn!  MSNBC, 100% loaded with Trump haters versus CNN, which only has 67% of a Trump hating staff.  That is, 67% according to Larry O.  Frankly, I doubt that number.  Of course, any number less than 90% Trump haters would surprise me.  

I have to laugh at this buffoonery.  Just for starters, Lawrence O'Donnell is not exactly a guarantor of 'The Truth'.  Not long ago, Larry tried to float an exclusive, 'breaking news' revelation about how a Russian oligarch co-signed a Trump Corporate loan from a German bank.  The very next day, he was forced to correct himself as the story was proved dead wrong.  No wonder Trump and others call it "Fake News"!  In our high-speed worldof 24/7 news cycles and immediate social media, the rush to be first has overtaken the need to be accurate.  

Is one-third of CNN's staff pro-Trump?  I don't buy that one at all!  That one host has a moment of rational thought is possible.  Even probable.  Sort of like how a room full of monkeys banging away at typewriters may eventually typeout The Bible or some other work of literature.  Apotential reality of Quantum physics.  That MSNBC may apparently have a policy of zero-tolerance of any Trump supporter is no mystery.  They turned against Trump back in early 2016 after he wiped out Jeb Bush from the GOP primaries.  Back then, MSNBC gave Trump tons of free air time in hopes of derailing Jeb, who was seen as the probable GOP presidential nominee and a threat to the election of Hillary Clinton.  CNN, too!  Both were pulling for Hillary from the beginning and saw Trump as an easy opponent for her to defeat.  But, after he won the nomiation, both networks went on the offensive to smear Trump.  Now, both CNN and MSNBC are competing against each other in which network hates Trump more?  Happy times for us as these Liberal liars fight among themselves.

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