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Violent Protesters Bring Down Confederate Statue

In Durham, North Carolina, protesters pulled down a statue honoring Confederate soldiers which has been in front of a courthouse since 1924. This was just one of many violent protests which took place across the nation yesterday in response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. President Donald Trump spoke on the incident yesterday, again condemning bigotry, racism, hatred and violence by any group. He went on to specifically naming Neo-Nazis, the KKK and White Supremacists. Even with that, the Fake News Media was still not satisfied, and neither were other hate groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Workers Party. Demonstrations were held in several cities, like Atlanta, Seattle and Chicago. In New York City, crowds gathered outside of Trump Tower both opposing and supporting President Trump, who returned there last night.




Unlike in Charlottesville, the NYPD kept the various factions separated and maintained order. There were a number of arrests at these demonstrations, some of which saw clashes between Trump Haters and the police. The statue in Durham was not of any particular historical figure, it just honored Confederate soldiers in general. While the Trump Haters were allegedly angry about hate, their actions were based on hate. Hatred of President Trump, hatred of our nation and hatred of our history.  Once they eliminate the Confederacy from our history, they will probably go after the Alamo next, as it offends Mexico.


While the Fake News Media covers up the violence and hatred by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, they are still moaning about President Trump′s response to the Charlottesville riot. Oh yes, it was a riot! Factions from sides included agitators from outside of Charlottesville, even from outside of Virginia. Both sides came ready for battle, wearing protective gear and carrying weapons. Despite claims by the local police that they were never ordered to ′stand down′, witnesses, including local merchants, reported seeing police withdraw for about an hour as the violence increased.


When one looks back at a similar incident last year in Dallas, where 5 police officers were killed by an assassin who was inspired by Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama made a rather weak-kneed comment. He said that you cannot hold a group responsible for the actions of one person. In contrast, President Trump condemned the actions of all who acted with hate and violence. Even during his initial speech and earlier tweets on Twitter last Saturday. Yet, the Fake News Media refuses to acknowledge this truth.


We are bound to see more of this as groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter continue their aggressive campaigns against history and legal, free elections. The Far Left will never accept the results of last November. Continuing the Russia-Gate conspiracy and other myths are needed to arise money and recruit fighters for their street demonstrations. They are aided not only by The Media in this, but also by major Internet companies like Google and Facebook, who refuse to consider them as ′hate groups′, much as they do others. We see much the same when it comes to individuals and groups who spread radical Islam, too. I suspect that these companies will continue in their bias and shut down more websites.


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