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Very Tough Two Weeks Ahead

President Trump and Doctors Fauci and Birx are warning that the next two weeks may be "very tough".  During yesterday's daily White House briefing, Trump and his key Coronavirus Response Task Force members explained why the nationwide social distancing guidelines were extended till April 30.  Using graphs and charts, America was given the grim numbers as to what may happen shortly.  Some computer models show a potential death rate from the COVID-19 pandemic may cost our nation 100,000 to 240,000 dead.  States like Michigan, Louisiana and Illinois are expected to have sharp peaks in cases and deaths by April 10.  Pennsylvania and other states will peak by April 16.  Alabama and others may peak around April 20.  


The good news is that social distancing does seem to be working to mitigate an even worse disaster.  Earlier models predicted that some American deaths could be between 1.6 Million and 2.2 Million.  One graph showed that while New Jersey and New York states have very high infection and death rates, the rest of the country are trending much lower.  Washington State, which had the first 'community' spread cases two weeks before NY, and California 1 week, enacted restrictions earlier and are doing relatively well.  So there is hope that by continuing social distancing guidelines laid out by the White House till April 30 may blunt the latest computer models further.  

As of this morning, there are nearly 190,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus as the number of tested rises to 1.1 Million.  Just over 4,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.  In Europe, countries like Italy and Spain are getting hit hard.  Italy has a death rate of nearly 15% and Spain nearly 10%.  By contrast, America is barely 2%, half the rate of China or South Korea.  Some experts are predicting that once an antibody test is put into wide usage, the actual U.S. death rate from the Coronavirus may be as low as 0.6%.  A typical flu death rate is about 0.1%.  

An antibody test would confirm the actual number of people who got COVID-19 and survived.  So far, only those people who show Coronavirus symptoms are being tested.  Early tests took3-4 days to process manually by the CDC or local public health labs.  The CDC could only process about 50 tests per day.  About 2 weeks ago, Rouche Labs developed and began shipping a 'high-through-put' test which could process tests in one day automatically at a rate of up to 10,000 per day.  Currently, thanks to some 2,000 private labs now processing the Rouche tests, over 100,000 Americans are being tested each day.  The new Abbott Labs test being deployed now can process a simpler test in just 5-15 minutes.  This will be a 'point of contact' test which can be done at hospitals, clinics and doctor offices.

More good news is that there are now at least 7,000 Americans who have recovered from the Coronavirus and have been released from hospitals.  The Army Corps of Engineers are now locating sites for some 200 field hospitals nationwide.  They have already set up about a dozen NY, CA and Washington State.  Both US Navy hospital ships, the Comfort and the Mercy, are accepting non-COVID-19 patients in NYC and Los Angeles, relieving pressure from local hospitals.  Production of ventilators, masks and other PPE gowns and face shields have ramped up.  Hundreds of companies are pitching in, helping where they can.  Along with those making essential materials, thousands of small businesses are also helping.  Even if its just a pizzeria feeding hospital workers for free.

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