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Trump Withdraws From Iran Deal

President Donald J. Trump fulfilled another of his campaign promises. Yesterday, he announced that the United States is withdrawing from the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal. This ′deal′ orchestrated by John Kerry and Barack Obama, with some help from Hillary Clinton I′ll bet, allows Iran to finish its nuclear weapons program in 10 years. If not sooner, because the so-called deal has horrendous protocols for monitoring Iran′s nuclear research and production facilities. Military sites are off limits to any independent inspection and Iran is allowed to self-inspect non-military sites. Plus, they can still develop and test delivery systems like ICBMs!



To achieve this ′deal′, Barack Obama paid Iran some $150 Billion dollars, including some $1.7 Billion in CASH! Several unmarked jets flew in pallets of hard currency. Only after that did Iran release some of the American hostages they have been holding for years. If all of this sounds too fishy to be true, it is. Its even worse!!! Last week, Israeli intelligence on how Iran has been lying and cheating on the ′deal′ was revealed. A presentation by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed the world just how ridiculous this deal has been.


President Trump has made no secret that he is unhappy about the so-called ′deal′. Six months ago, he let Congress know that his patience was running out. The Senate never voted on approving this ′deal′, so it never was officially a treaty or anything else. John Kerry engaged in some shadow diplomacy to keep the Iran deal going, discouraging other participating nations from renegotiating the terms as President Trump had been calling for. Some might say that Kerry violated the notorious Logan Act, something which the Obama administration tried to accuse members of the Trump transition team of after the election.


Naturally, Obama, Kerry and the rest of the Far Left are all upset now that President Trump has withdrawn us from the Iran nuclear deal. They are preaching doomsday from every pulpit they can grasp on to. Much like they had preached doomsday when President Trump took a hard line against North Korea. Even ″South Park″ thought that we were headed for nuclear war. But, here we are now on the brink of possible universal peace for the Korean Peninsula. Thanks to President Trump′s deal from strength policy, Kim Jong Un appears to have blinked and might be ready to dismantle his entire nuclear program, bombs, missiles, and all.


It is way too early to guess at how Iran will react. Their initial response has been, as expected, one of taunts and threats. If they had listened to all of what President Trump had to say yesterday, they would know that he has opened the door to productive discussion. A grace period of six months allows for corporations to other interests to separate from Iran before the sanctions begin to kick in. A year from now, we could be looking at President Trump visiting Tehran for serious talks on peace. The ′Trump Touch′ might solve one of the biggest problems facing the world in short order!


So I laugh at all of the hand-wringers and belly-achers. The loud mouths and the know-it-alls. They know NOTHING! They have been underestimating Donald Trump since he came down that escalator nearly 3 years ago. Despite the Fake News Media spending 90% or more of their time on casting President Trump in a negative way, his poll numbers are steadily improving. He is now as popular, if not more popular, than Barack Obama at this point in their presidencies. The economy is doing great and ISIS is on the run. Even Robert Mueller and his investigation is falling apart as it is exposed more and more as a sham, a fraud. Pax Trump is here, folks! Rejoice!!!


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