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Trump vs WHO

President Donald Trump is engaged in a war of words with the World Health Organization.  Specifically with WHO Director, Dr. Tedros Adhamon Ghebreyes.  Trump says that the WHO has been too, "China centric" in their defense of the lack of honesty and openness by China on the early days of the Coronavirus outbreak.  On January 20, the Chinese were still saying officially that COVID-19 was not transmitted between humans.  On January 21, WHO repeated this position on human transmission.  Even though it turned out that Taiwan warned the WHO back on December 31, 2019 that there was indeed human transmission.  Later, Dr. Tedros and WHO were critics of Trump's decision in late January to ban travel from China to the United States.  A move that even Joe Biden now admits was the correct call to make.


The World Health Organization has been very 'China centric' in the past.  Especially Dr. Tedros stemming back to his days as a minister in Ethiopia.  A country which China is heavily invested in.  Meanwhile, China is not very invested in the WHO.  In 2019, America contributed some $452 Million dollars to the WHO, and more than $500 Million in 2018.  China, on the other hand, only gave WHO some $40 Million last year and even less in 2018.  Currently, the WHO is asking for another $700 Million to combat the Coronavirus worldwide.  China has given them just $20 Million.  The United States has given less, so far, and is reviewing further funding due to the pro-China bias by WHO.  Of course, in typical Trump fashion, we are helping other countries on an individual basis, rather than through a 3rd-party NGO (Non-Government Organization).

There is no doubt that the World Health Organization dropped the ball when it comes to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Just as there is no doubt that China is to blame for the origins of the pandemic.  A new study from the UK claims that had China been more open and honest just 3 weeks earlier, some 95% of the pandemic could have been avoided.  Imagine if the spread of COVID-19 had been more contained to just the city of Wuhan or just to Hubei province. Once a proper antibody test is developed and available, we may learn that COVID-19 began making its way around the world much earlier.  There are many cases of an unusually harsh respiratory illness circulating throughout November and December.  The initial tests provided by our CDC labs were inadequate in detecting COVID-19.  

The good news is that such an antibody test should be ready shortly.  It may take months before we learn the full story, but given that between 9% to 40% of those being tested now for Coronavirus are positive, due largely to being given to only those who have symptoms or known contact with infected patients, we may find that the actual number who were infected may be 3 to 4 times higher than what we know today.  People who were asymptomatic, showing no signs of being infected, will show negative results from the current nasal and mouth swab tests.  Only an antibody test using blood samples will tell the truth as to just how many actually were infected.

Other good news is that hot spots in America like the New York City metro area, which includes parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, seem to be leveling off.  In recent days, new admissions to hospitals and the numbers of new patients being put on ventilators has declined nearly 50%.  The death toll continues to rise, mainly due to those who were put on ventilators weeks ago losing their fight against the Coronavirus.  There is also a question of counting deaths as COVID-19 victims when they may have actually died from other chronic illnesses.  In Italy, new research is leaning towards the conclusion that only about 12% of the deaths originally attributed to the Coronavirus were genuine COVID-19 victims.  The rest of the patients died from one or more other illnesses, such as heart disease or diabetes.

My guess is that it will be a year or two before we really understand what has been happening.  After that, we can debate how our governments responded to the pandemic and if China needs to be punished.  They certainly need to rethink their position on allowing the so-called, 'wet markets' to continue to operate.  As do we.  Just in New York City, there are some 11 wet markets that sell exotic foods.  They may not sell bats, or dogs and cats like in China, but clearly there needs to be extra scrutiny in how they operate.

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