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Trump Visits Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania visited Puerto Rico yesterday. They saw first-hand the devastation left by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Both were briefed by federal officials, as well as by mayors and the governor of the island territory. While the relief effort has been slow to roll out due to logistical issues, progress is being made as supplies shipped in are starting to reach those in need. As usual, some are trying to politicize the tragedy, such as the Mayor of San Juan. But some of her statements, such as an outbreak of cholera, have been proven false. Still, even Sen. Chuck Schumer tried to make a joke told by President Trump a major gaffe.




During the initial briefing, President Trump joked about how Puerto Rico was ′busting the budget″. A reference to a debt issue from well before the hurricanes. Puerto Rico is about $72 Billion dollars in debt and may well default unless Congress bails them out. The damage by the hurricanes has added to this. Currently, only about 5% of the residences have electricity. Some parts of the island may not have power restored for a year. Water treatment, which requires electricity, is also hampered with only about 40% of the island′s water systems restored.


Still, even the governor of Puerto Rico has been praising the relief effort by the Trump administration. His calls to the White House are always answered and he frequently has spoken with the President. The biggest snags in getting supplies to people have been related more to the availability of truck transport. Roads were obstructed by debris from the storms, drivers were busy tending to their own families and fuel was short in supply. But in the past few days, things have improved and the bottle-neck of over 9,500 containers stuck at shipping ports has been relieved.


President Donald Trump met with local officials as well as federal relief staff during his visit to Puerto Rico. He also met with the governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands, which was also devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The President and First Lady also met with workers and victims as they toured the island. All in all a positive event, lifting the spirits and hopes of those impacted by this disaster.


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