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Trump Victory Lap

President Donald John Trump took a victory lap today, celebrating his acquittal by the Senate yesterday.  He started off with a 30-minute speech at the annual National Prayer Breakfast event, with arch enemy Crazy Nancy Pelosi sitting a few chairs away.  Trump took a shot at her, as well as one aimed at Mitt Romney.  Most of the speech remained on topic, protecting religious beliefs worldwide.  The audience didn't mind a bit of gloating, they knew he deserved some latitude.  Then the scene shifted to the White House East Room at noon.  With some pomp and ceremony, President Trump had a full 50-minute long gloat session.  After nearly 4 years of attacks and investigations, of lies and hatred, Trump certainly deserved a chance to spike the football.  


Once again, Trump took some shots at his enemies.  He also jabbed at Mitt Romney again.  Trump spoke at length about how all of the investigations and smear attacks have impacted his family and how it has divided the nation unnecessarily. Ever since he and Melania traveled down the elevator at Trump Tower on June 15, 2015, people have been attacking him.  Trump said that if he hadn't fired James Comey, a "bad cop" in Trump's words, he, Trump, may not be president.  A group of haters tried to remove him from office, overturning a legal election.  After the Mueller witch hunt ended in failure, the Ukraine assault took over.  The "insurance policy" for Hillary by corrupt, biased FBI managers and the Hail Mary pass by Adam Schiff did not succeed.

Now, the Democrats have lost twice and the clock has run down.  Even if the House tries another impeachment, there just is not enough time to run that play again before the November election.  I doubt if the Senate would even entertain another impeachment trial this year.  Mitch McConnell would allow for an immediate dismissal if the House Democrats try again.  He's no fool and can read the polls.  Americans have rejected the impeachment and both Trump and Republicans are riding high.  Some of the latest polls by Gallup show that acquittal topped impeachment.  On Trump's SOTU speech Tuesday, 76% liked it.  Also, perhaps more telling, is that 90% of Americans are satisfied with their lives.  

Trump, and the GOP, have the wind at their backs.  They know it!  Unlike the poor Democrats, who still haven't figured out just how deep they are in hot water.  Pelosi has totally lost all reason as she makes emotional blunders, like tearing up the official SOTU speech, a government document belonging to the American people and should be part of the Congressional Record.  Then we have the Iowa Caucus disaster.  Buttigieg and Sanders are neck-and-neck with just 0.1% difference with still only 96% of the vote tallied.  The vote counting and reporting problems seem to revolve around a new smartphone app made by a company, Shadow Inc, run by former IT guys for Hillary Clinton.  There is now also a rumor pointing towards Buttigieg that his campaign suggested the software to the Iowa Democratic Party and may have even paid for it!

Trump spent most of his East Room speech thanking people who stood by him.  It was a fun and jovial affair, as he joked throughout the speech. But over at Fake News HQ, CNN had a different take.  Whatever they were watching had a depressed Trump, lacking confidence and hope for the future.  There is just no pleasing these people!  CNN and the rest have lost all touch with reality.  Nancy Pelosi is talking about how voters must replace Trump if they love our land, "from sea to shiny sea."   Seriously, she is completely unhinged.  Her deck is shy about 10-12 cards!  On the other hand, Trump is looking forward to 2020.  He told his supporters that he will work hard to get the House back.  Republicans are more popular and unified than ever before.  Democrats are self-destructing and on the verge of civil war between the Bernie People versus The Establishment DNC.  

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