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Trump Texas Visit, Harvey Update

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump went to Texas yesterday to visit with those managing the response to Hurricane Harvey. Now a tropical storm, Harvey has set records for most rainfall in Texas with about 52 inches in some locations. The President and his wife arrived first in Corpus Christi, about 30 miles south from where Harvey came ashore last Friday. They then went to Austin, the state capitol. At both stops, POTUS and FLOTUS were briefed by federal, state and local officials as to how the relief effort is going and what more is needed. Before leaving for Austin, the President gave a quick speech at a fire station in Corpus Christi, waving a state flag of Texas and providing words of encouragement.




Needless to say, the Fake News Media reported that President Trump did not say or do enough. That he did not mention victims or talk about those who died or are suffering. That he did not meet with any victims to comfort them. There was also much hullabaloo over the First Lady wearing high heels as she boarded Air Force One at Andrews Joint Air Base outside of Washington, DC. Some in The Media thought it was shameless for her to do that, as if she were going to walk on flood waters in Houston in her stilettos. When their jet landed in Corpus Christi, the First Lady had changed to sneakers, which she wore during her entire time in Texas.


These idiots in the Fake News Media are never going to give President Trump, or his wife apparently, any credit for any good they may do. Forget the fact that nearly every expert on disaster relief has praised President Trump for providing significant support and aid, both before and after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. That he is giving whatever those on the ground want as soon as it can be arranged. Of course, the real test will be in the coming months as Texans begin rebuilding. Many of those victims of Hurricane Sandy are still waiting for relief years after Barack Obama promised assistance.


The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is massive. Estimates of $30-50 Billion dollars are probably going to be surpassed, some say as high as $120 Billion dollars. Now a tropical storm, Harvey is in the Gulf of Mexico again heading towards the western coast of Louisiana. By Wednesday it will make landfall a second time and head northeast towards Tennessee and the Ohio River Valley over the weekend. High winds and torrential downpours of rain are expected, as well as possible tornadoes. The flooding in Houston may not begin to truly subside until Sunday as several major rivers overflow from rainwater dumped further inland.


After the 9-11 attacks, FEMA was suppose to be equipped to handle two major cities being nuked, with shelter, food, water, and other essentials for upwards of 20 million people for at least a year. Frankly, I do not see them capable of this. You would think that after Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Gulf coast a dozen years ago this week, that we would have invested in more rescue equipment. Too bad we do not have a few thousand DUWK amphibious vehicles from WW2 still functional, stored away for just such emergencies. Even just having some depots of flat-bottom boats with outboard engines would be a good idea.


I would not be surprised if President Donald Trump initiates some serious reviews and reorganizing of FEMA after Hurricane Harvey. Unlike Katrina, which we had nearly a week to prepare, we had barely 48 hours to get ready for Harvey. The response has so far been very good, but it clearly is not enough. This fact is not the fault of President Trump. Previous administrations and Congresses have failed in making disaster management a priority. This is why many individuals, several million these days, are part of the ′Prepper Movement′. You cannot go wrong praying for the best while planning for the worst. Having your own disaster plan is just as important as having home, health and auto insurance. You hope you never need it, but when you do, you are that much better off. I will be writing more about this in the coming days.


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